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  • Hello everyone, I’ve just starting using this great plugin, but I’ve come across a problem setting up the category option…

    This is the code I’m trying to get working in my sidebar

    <?php the_random_thumb('link=p&WIDTH=91&HEIGHT=123&showtitle=T&category=11'); ?>

    and this is the result in my page

    Warning: array_rand() [function.array-rand]: Second argument has to be between 1 and the number of elements in the array in /home/chiloeno/public_html/santiago/wp-content/plugins/post-thumb/post-thumb.php on line 451
    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/chiloeno/public_html/santiago/wp-content/plugins/post-thumb/post-thumb.php on line 414

    when I take out the “category=11” it does work, but in the available parameters it’s a valid one, so I guess there might be some problem with the file…

    Here’re the source code to the plugin:

    And here’re the available parameters:

    hope anyone can give me a light on this… thanks guys 🙁

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  • *bump* >_<

    As you know, I am no coder, but I do wonder if it might be an idea to add the &limit=1 parameter (or any other number) after the category one just to see if it might work. Not sure if the category and limit are dependent on each other at all, but since it’s complaining about limits needing to be between 1 and the total number… sorry if it doesn’t work out. I’ll test the plugin if it doesn’t (it’s 4am here! ;D)

    Looks like a really nifty plugin, and I’m really impressed by the documentation! 🙂

    p/s: The plugin also seems to have widget functionality (including ‘get random’) so might be an idea to see how that is structured if it’s not a good replacement.

    Thanks a lot mosey, yes I actually tested adding the &limit=1, but it didn’t worked adding it or setting the limit to 2 or more… So I guess the problem isn’t on the dependance… hope you can test it and give it a look…

    Yep, it’s actually one of the best plugins out there, at least to build a CMS, I was impressed for the capabilities.

    Oh! widget… to be honest I didn’t try it, I like plugins the more for the customization… but if nothing works I’ll try to go for it… I just hope it can get with all the options the plugin has 😮

    @shiroujune: I’m afraid I’m going abroad tomorrow so it might be a week or so before I get back to you on this. Hope this is ok? I’m getting dazzled by the array of options at the mometn 😉

    Yep, it’s ok Mosey, I am still messing this around, and sorry for the inconveniences. I do aprecciate the help.

    there is no thumb images created (post don’t have image) in category 11.

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