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  • Hello,

    I can’t selected these options :
    Save these revisions as a draft and notify reviewer
    Publish these modifications, but notify a reviewer that changes were made

    I have added a record in the options table with these settings
    option_name = dpn_reviewers
    option_value = my e-mail
    autoload = yes

    What will I do to these options plugin work correctly?

    Thanks for this plug-in, I’m waiting after this type of plug-in…


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  • Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    When you say you can’t select the options, what does that mean? Does that mean that it won’t let you actually click on those radio buttons, or does that mean that after you do choose those options, the notifications still don’t work?


    I can select these two options, if I do a double-click on the radio button, a single click don’t work.
    Otherwise, the mail is successfully sent, although in the subject line there are these characters “[]” before the text of the subject, for example : [] New modifications to <!–fr–>Test<!–:–>
    (Note: I use the plug-in qTranslate too, and this plug-in add the tags <!–fr–> <!–:–> to specify the language of the post)
    What should there be between these two []?

    Thanks for this plug-in.


    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    The text between the two square brackets [] is supposed to be the name of the site. It’s possible that the variable I’m using to pull that information only works in multisite, so I’ll do some digging to see if that’s the case (and to apply a fix if that is the problem).

    I’m not sure what’s going on with having to double-click the radio buttons. It sounds like there’s some kind of JavaScript interfering.

    What browser are you using? Do you have a different browser you can test to see if you come across the same issue in another browser? That may help me narrow down the issue.

    I’m using Firefox 6.0.
    I test in IE 8 and I give you the results.


    In IE 8 :
    – a single click works to select the option with e-mail notification.
    – but when I select the third option and click OK, the message ‘Draft&Notify’ isn’t displayed.

    In Firefox, I have a problem with automatic backups, I look at it specifically and I will make a report.

    Report of problem with automatic backup (with 0.2a version)

    I create a new post named ‘Test’ and I type ‘New test’ as text and I click on Publish button.

    So, I add a new paragraph in my post ‘First step’ and click on Edit to specify notification. I select the third option and click on OK, and click on Update button. The previous version is loaded, that’s OK.

    I restore the revision the text is :
    ‘New test’
    ‘First step’

    I add a new paragraph ‘Second step’ and click on Edit to specify notification. I select the third option and click on OK. I wait for the automatic backup takes place and click on Update button.

    The text of my post is :
    ‘New test’
    ‘First step’
    ‘Second step’
    and not :
    ‘New test’
    ‘First step’

    because the automatic backup is loaded.


    With this 0.2a version, I have another problem, when I don’t specify an e-mail in the box, no mail is sent, the value of dpn_reviewers variable isn’t used.

    Sorry for all messages, but I test this plug-in because we need for our work.


    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    Thanks for all the testing and reporting. You are not bothering me, you’re helping me out. Since I only have a handful of WordPress installs (mostly on very similar server configurations), I can only test so much; so your reports are very valuable.

    I found at least one of the bugs in IE (I had left a console.log() directive in the JS that throws an error and stops the JavaScript from finishing if the developer tools window isn’t open).

    I’m still trying to find the issue with having to double-click the radio buttons in Firefox, and will then move onto trying to figure out why the current version isn’t pulling the dpn_reviewers option.

    I’ll let you know once I have a new dev version available. Thanks for all of your help.

    EDIT – Found the issue in Firefox, too. Not sure why Firefox was the only one showing the issue; but I had failed to close my <label> tags, so Firefox was wrapping the last 2 labels/inputs inside of the label for the second button.


    If you want when development is completed, I could possibly translate the plug-in French, can you guide me as this is the first time I translate a plug-in wordpress?


    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    Thanks for the offer, Jenny. There are a handful more changes I need to make before it’s ready for translation, but I will definitely take you up on that when it’s ready.

    I’ve honestly not translated any plugins before, either (I only know a total of about 100 words in any languages other than English). I think there are some good tutorials out there to help, though.

    A new dev version is available that should fix all but one of the issues you reported.

    I’m still working on figuring out the best, most logical way to distinguish which revision to revert back to. At this point, it simply reverts to the most recent revision, but that obviously causes issues when someone edits the post/page twice before it gets reviewed. On the other hand, if I have it try to revert any further back, then it’s extremely probable that you’ll end up with multiple, differing edits to the same batch of content. That’s a tough situation to fully plan around, so I’m going to have to think about it for a while.

    Regardless, the bugs that you mentioned (not being able to select the right radio button, not pulling info from the database correctly, etc.) should be fixed in the latest development version.

    I’ve also added an interface that should allow you to set the fallback email address (the dpn_reviewers variable). It is located in the Settings -> Writing section of the admin area.

    The latest version uses commas to separate multiple email addresses, though, rather than the semi-colons I was initially using.

    Thanks again for all of your help.


    To solve the problem of automatic backups, I think perhaps you should run the command update immediately after sending the mail and change the text of the button to ‘OK and Update’.

    Other things:
    – The text of the ‘Save as a draft thesis revisions and notify reviewer’ is not consistent with what is being done because it is a revision that is generated and not a draft.
    – And I think the first option ‘Publish these modifications normally’ is not used much, since it corresponds to a normal update, but that’s just my opinion!


    Hello Curtis,

    I’ve found a plug-in which allow to translate a plug-in in another language.
    You ask me when you want that I translate the Post Revision Workflow plugin.

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