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    Ok, I like the basic functionality of this plugin, but I HATE the spamming of the admin interface. The dev asks for “donations” for the pro version that doesn’t have the ads. So basically, if I want the ad removed from the footer, sidebar, dashboard and everywhere else, then I would have to give a “donation” of $30 and a monthly charge for support and updates. That’s a lot of money for any plugin. This dev is spamming and ripping people off.

    Now, since I need the basic function of the plugin and I don’t feel like getting ripped off, I have no other choice but to edit the plugin to remove the spam.

    WordPress should remove the plugin and warn against it until the dev can learn to be professional. If all the other devs start spamming and holding our admin interface hostage for a ridiculous “donation” amount, then our admin interfaces would be impossible to work in. WordPress, nip this in the bud before it gets out of control.

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  • P.S.

    If anyone wants to know how to manually remove the spam yourself without having to use adblock on your own site…then just open up the contribution.php file and remove all the contents…and there ya go, you take back control over your admin section. Great for those who have several users/members logging in.

    There is an alternative: List Category Posts plugin. Not quite as feature-rich as this plugin but works for my needs.

    I downloaded this plugin (latest version both plugin and wp) but it does not work without going ‘pro’.

    Is there another way to use this? Sounds like a good plugin but I can’t even try it out to see for myself.


    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    Go to read the plugin page and start again. The free version works great.

    Kahil, I couldn’t agree more.
    I would be more than willing to pay for this plugin and the dev’s time if it wasn’t for the ridiculous spamming in the admin panel and the arrogant way in which he has approached people’s questions on here.

    This is sad, and WordPress should put an end to this. This goes against GPL

    Dennis, you should be ashamed. I won’t pay you a dime, instead I am just going to remove the code.

    Note to other users, he has made it so that you can’t just remove the contribution.php. You need to go through and actually remove the proper code.

    For those of you who are new to WordPress and PHP, the same of you who Dennis has responded so rudely to, if you take the contribution.php file and do a find and replace for Your contribution is still missing! replacing it with just a blank space your error’s will go away without breaking any of the code.

    Dennis, If you remove this spam, and ask for contributions in a respectful way, I will buy your plugin. I am sure that others will be more willing as well.

    Till then, I won’t even use it. I am going to an alternative.

    Mark (podz)


    Support Maven

    I HATE the spamming of the admin interface

    I agree.

    This goes against GPL

    No it doesn’t. It does go against decent expectation though.

    If anyone wants to know how to manually remove the spam yourself without having to use adblock on your own site…then just open up the contribution.php file and remove all the contents…and there ya go

    Absolutely – and the GPL lets you do this. The author CANNOT insist you do not do this.

    If you aren’t happy about an author do not use their plugins.

    And Dennis – complaints are mounting so you might want to give what is being said some serious thought. If the plugins are removed from the directory that could be permanent.

    I know it doesn’t violate the GPL but it definitely goes against the entire point and reason of it.

    The ONLY place that you should ever see an ad or plug for the pro version of a free plugin is within its own management pages in the admin interface. It should NOT be plastered all over the entire WordPress admin section.

    This plugin wouldn’t be getting the flack it is getting if the dev wouldn’t be motivated only by money and if he would listen to his users. If he wants users to buy the pro version, then have the free version be limited in it’s features and make the pro version feature rich and worth the price. And that brings me to another issue, the price. This plugin, free or pro, is not feature rich enough for the price…especially given the dev’s poor attitude and choices.

    Honestly, another dev should make a new, cleaner plugin that offers this feature. Nothing wrong with a little competition.

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    You are fully right. I will remove the plugin from the repository. 🙂 Anyway thanks for your feedback. Please delete my plugin from all your installations!

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