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    I tried this out on a site I’m building and it doesn’t work. When I attempt to assign posts to a specific page, the posts only show on one page but will not show on others. I tried to use the Blog Page template that is part of my theme but the Theme options override WordPress options and displays ALL posts on the blog pages accordng to ALL categories. I even inserted the shortcode on the page and…nothing.

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  • I consulted the tutorial for my theme (Genesis Framework by Studiopress), and there is a specific “custom fields” that must be set-up if Genesis users want unique posts assigned to specific pages. These are the custom fields values you set-up for each page that you want a specific post to be assigned to:
    NAME: query(underscore)args
    VALUE: cat=number (just put whatever category number you choose after the = and do not enclose the underscore in parenthesis.

    For anyone using the Genesis theme framework, this is the custom fields values you have to create, and it will assign posts to your chosen page by category number.And it works beautifully.

    I never did get the Page Association plug-in to work 100% with the Genesis theme. But using the theme’s “custom fields” category number assignment achieves the same results, so I have resolved my particular issue and won’t be using the plug-in.

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    Post Page Associator works perfectly with Genesis. You do not need any Code modifications and you do not need to care about meta fields or something like this.


    I’m using twentyten. What i dont get about the use of the pluggin is that i selected a category to be displayed in a secondary page (in this page)and selected the rest of categories to be displayed on the main page (configuration of the main page).

    My post that should be displayed on secondary page is actually displayed there but also on se primary page, which is of course not this idea.

    Tx for your help on this one.

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    Hi Nicolas, can you please start a new thread with your issue?

    And btw: the posts from the “secondary page” are maybe also a part of the selection from the “primary page” 😉

    Done with additional info.

    Whats going on with this plugin? It worked fine for me the last couple weeks then it stopped. I have PHP 5.0.91 so i know thats not the issue. I have not installed any plugins since it worked so im guessing thats not the issue. I have over 200 posts that are attached to my pages and now none of them work, can you please tell me whats going on..

    That is just one of the pages, as you can see it just goes blank when you click, if i disable your plugin (do not add categories) the page comes back up.

    dont even worry about it, im unistalling and using your sub page summary plugin instead

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe


    Plugins do not stop working “suddenly” 😉

    @dennis Hoppe: Who said anything about code modifications??? The Genesis framework, which I use, is DESIGNED with CUSTOM FIELD values that allow the Genesis theme user to assign posts to specific pages BY those custom field values, which is what those values are in my post: CUSTOM FIELD values FOR the Genesis framework (NOT “code modifications”). Basically, your plugin is not necessary for Genesis users who are simply wanting to assign posts to specific pages (all they have to do is use the custom field value that comes with the theme and it will enable them to assign posts to whatever page they choose).

    And NO, your plugin did NOT work with my Genesis theme framework, which is why I consulted Genesis (Studiopress) support and was told about the CUSTOM FIELD value that is included in Genesis framework for that purpose.

    I simply included the information here for other Genesis users who might run into the same problem I did when attempting to use your plugin, because your plugin did NOT work when I activated it. For the record, I’m not using your plugin, and the Genesis custom field value works beautifully and assigns all my posts to whatever pages I choose. I’m sure others have and will find your plugin useful, but just deal with the fact that it won’t work for everyone.

    same thing here.
    After the activation, I see only advert but have no possibility to select anything except the position in settings.
    Custom post and pages have only advert. PHP 5.3.2-1 no select box anything.

    btw when someone activates the plugin, it won’t let him uninstal it. The deactivation link is replaced by “get pro” message.

    I such cases I would normally be abusive.

    Plugin Author Dennis Hoppe



    • PPA works fine with Genesis
    • You do not need to modify anything.
    • PPA does not require any custom fields you have to fill out.
    • If you want an ads free version buy the Pro Version.
    • If you want to use custom post types or custom taxonomies buy the Pro Version
    • If you are a jerk do not waste my time and use another plugin. Thanks.
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