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  • Dear all,
    the plugin is really great. However, some details could be refined. Or maybe I just miss how to work right with the plugin.

    I format my Word text with Heading, Title, Standard Text etc.

    However, during the import this format is removed.

    It would be great if this format would be kept in WordPress, too.

    Other problems are:

    1. Image scaling is not imported. The images appear in the original size.

    2. The page width from word is not interpreted

    3. Tables are very wide. The do not fit into the text window of my theme (TwentyTen). The only way to correct this is the html code.

    Anyway: the plugin is a great work already as it is!

    I really like the feature that all images in a text are uploaded automatically and nicely stored in the ./uploads/media archive. Great work to use the page title as directory name, too. This is really good to read.

    Thanks a lot.



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  • Plugin Author Jacotheron


    Hi John

    Sorry for only replying now, for support, questions and feature requests, please use my website at or the support site at

    I am currently developing the new version of Post Office which will include a lot of mayor improvements.

    About the features requested above (specifically for Word documents):
    1. Heading, Title and Standard Text.
    – This should be working (at least it does on my testing servers) from version 1.0 for Word Documents. If not, please let me know.
    – This is very difficult for Excel, I hope to have it ready for the next version.
    2. Image scaling (to sizes defined in the document).
    – There is a setting that can be set so that images are scaled to fit your theme, and not the original document (as it is intended for Web and not Print). If you still want this feature, it would not be too hard to add it, please just let me know.
    – This is currently not supported on Excel and I hope to have it ready for the next version.
    3. Page Width from Word
    – Again it is intended to fill your website’s width and not a A4 or other sized page. Word only embeds the size as example “A4” in the files, and it makes it quite hard to get the right size.
    – For Excel, the table width is based on the width of the contents, which could be long. Currently spanned rows/columns are not supported, but I am working on having it ready for the next version.

    Thank you for using Post Office.

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