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  • Hi

    Sorry for the crossposting but I really hope someone can help me figure out a problem with this great plugin.

    I can
    send email
    subscribe people manually

    I can’t
    get the confirmation link to work on two out of three blogs.

    After almost giving up on the plugin I installed it on my own blog to try and see if it was a hosting problem. It installed. No problems. I created a post_notification_header page without any problems. I sent out emails without any problems. I signup via a link. It worked.

    What I’m trying to figure out is why it won’t work on the two other blogs. I’ve installed serverbuddy to check if any settings are wrong, but all lights are green. It’s the same wordpress version on all blogs (3.0.5)

    What I’ve tried
    I’ve tried changing themes to TwentyTen and the one on my blog that works.
    I’ve tried setting “When to Send” to shutdown, header and footer.
    I’ve tried creating the “Post Notification page” in about a zillion different ways variations.
    I’ve tried setting “Show “saved.tmpl” when saving frontend settings.” to yes and no.
    I’ve tried changing sender email, templates, profile…
    I’ve tried with the exact same settings on all blogs.
    I’ve tried installing your version 2.0 beta.
    I’ve tried changing the confirmation URL from one site to another and that works for the working site. It actually confirms the email.

    But nothing helps. It just won’t confirm subscribers when they go to the link in the confirmation email

    What works on one installation won’t work on the to others (on two different hostingsuppliers/servers)

    I quess what I’m asking is:
    Does anybody have any ideas as to what I should look for or any switches I could try and turn on or off?

    I haven’t contact the hosting companies yet because I’m not sure what to tell/say/ask.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • I just tried making a testblog on the same server, installed the plugin and low and behold it works there.

    Why oh why wont it work on the real blog?

    I’ve tried removing the traces of the plugin in the database, but something must be stuck somewhere.

    Any ideas?

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