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  • “Post Groups” allows to create category-like sections on your site, without the category prefix showing up in URls. Nice.

    I wanted to create post groups for book collections, separated from the regular categories (“History”, “Geography”, etc.) — said collections may span multiple domain categories.

    Unfortunately, there’s an incompatibility between “Post Groups” and “Category Visibility iPeat Rev”: when both are activated, the site’s homepage is empty (“Not found” or “Sorry, no post matched your criteria” error message).

    Also, it would be nice to have an option for the sidebar widget not to display the “not in a group” group 😉

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  • lionel_chollet,

    Thanks for trying my plugin. I will try to see what happens when using the “Category Visibility” plugin together with this plugin. And, I already was thinking of the option you suggested in your post. Maybe I’ll solve these two issues together 🙂


    I’m unsure what plugin is possibly interfering with this one because I only have the wp-ecommerce plugin activated so far on this mock-up site i am working on.I was excited to find this because I thought it might save me time writing new template files to do exactly what this plugin said it could do.Unfortunately it kept saying could not modify headers header already sent by pluggable.php every time I edited this plugin’s settings or managed it.
    I think all you have to do to get rid of the first posters problem is delete all your pages and have the plugin build them for you. Not going to happen in most cases but good for fresh installs with nothing in them,maybe?

    I recreated his problem on my posts page, “page not found” when I clicked on my wp-list-pages generated navigation to go to the blog section of the test site. Seemed like a good plugin. Great idea! Perhaps just needs a little more work? If it does work it would be a great time saver.

    Hi mccormicky, lionel_chollet…

    I believe I solved the “page not found” problem. I’ve also added the option to hide the “not in a group” default group; something I don’t know I didn’t add in the first version 🙂

    If you’re still interested in this plugin, then you can download it again and upgrade your blogs. Please let me know if there is something else that is not working for you.

    Thanks again for trying my plugin.

    By the way… I’m not sure how can I mark this issue as ‘solved’. I always see the ‘This topic is not resolved’ text when I’m reading this forum…

    The issue is not resolved.

    When Category Visibility and Post Groups are both activated on my site, the home page is no longer empty, but only the one post that is set as “sticky” is displayed.

    When the option to not show the “Ungrouped posts” group is activated, the home page is totally empty again.

    So using Post Groups along with regular Categories is a bit problematic, especially when one doesn’t want to display the Ungrouped group (i.e. the posts that belong to a category but not to a post group)

    That’s strange… I tested the two plugins together and they seemed to work OK; I’ll test them again, of course. Do you have other plugins activated on your blog besides Category Visibility?

    I’ve tested my plugin on WP 2.2.3 up to 2.5.1; can you tell me what is the version you’re running? And, if poossible, your theme?

    By the way, it seems I found something wrong in Category Visibility. When you’re using this plugin together with the Recent Posts widget coming with WordPress, there is an error somewhere in the plugin. If you hide a category, things are just fine when browsing the posts page. However, when browsing a static page (say, the About page), all posts that belong to the hidden category will show in Recent Posts (if they are recent entries, that is).

    Somehow, this is what the plugin does — hiding a category from the front page (among others). But, still…

    Ok, back to testing… 🙂


    I have downloaded and installed but not yet activated the plugin because I am knee deep in ‘Category Visibility ipeat rev’

    A handy option would automatically assign a group to a new post based on the title of the page the author was viewing when creating the post. (Given the group name and page title are the same?) This would automatically put the post in the what is likely to be the proper group and relieve contributors the burden of selecting a group.

    Thanks for the plugin… I’ll likely give it a try and then wait for iPeat to sort out his plugin.



    Just tried creating a group and received this error message:
    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /home/mitynetc/public_html/themightyburner/wp-admin/admin-header.php:26) in /home/mitynetc/public_html/themightyburner/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 694

    I have the current plugins ‘active:’
    Category Visibility-iPeat Rev
    NextGEN Gallery
    NextGEN Gallery Widget
    Post Groups
    Role Manager
    WordPress Admin Bar

    And I would really like to use: AStickyPostOrderER

    Thanks for any suggestions to get your plugin working. Going back to managing Post Groups after the error message the group shows up…


    Is there a way to assign a group to an existing page? (So all posts in the group appear on the same page beneath existing text on the page?)
    You’ll see what I mean by visiting and choosing a page from the list. I’d like posts related to each page to appear on the topic page.

    Thanks for any clues as to how to either setup the site correctly to achieve this or use an existing plugin or two or…



    “AStickyPostOrderer” and “Category Visibility iPeat Rev” don’t play well together — you get the “sorry, no post matched your criteria” message on the homepage.

    If you want to order posts according to their categories, I suggest “My Category Order”.

    If you want to order only some posts individually and “manually”, why not change the date time a bit?

    If you have a lot of posts that you’d want sorted in a specific order, “AZIndex” allows you to display lists of posts sorted by title, description, category, or any custom field of your chosing, alphabetically and even numerically, thanks to the numeric_compare function.



    I’d like to make clear that I don’t want to disparage your Post Groups plugin; it’s a neat piece of functionality added to WordPress 🙂

    Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work with my configuration and existing site organization, but many other people will undoubtedly put it to great use.



    I took notice of your suggestions for my plugin. Some of them were not on my radar when I started writing it, and they seem like a nice addition. I’ll think about them and see what I can do about them.


    I’ve tested again my plugin with Category Visibility iPeat Rev. I think I didn’t find anything wrong with the two plugins working together. Anyway, reading your comments more carefully I noticed that you mention something about sticky posts on your blog not being shown anymore. I assumed that you have an additional plugin which allows you to create sticky posts and which interferes with Post Groups — but I’m not sure which one was it.

    So, what I did was to install one of the sticky-related plugins and see what happens. I’ve chosen WP-Sticky for this, and I believe I now have the solution for making all these plugins work together.

    Thanks for letting me know about these incompatibilities. I took extra care that my patches won’t work only when having Category Visibility and WP-Sticky installed — that is, I think I made my plugin work with any other plugins that might reorder posts. This is true when navigating my groups: the posts order within a group is what one expects when having other post-reordering plugins activated.

    The only problem is on the front page — by design, here I need to show one single post from each group (some kind of featured post from each group). But which post? I’m showing the latest post from each group, but this would be different when having WP-Sticky activated. I’m also considering a redesign of this feature.

    It’s not too late to tell me what other plugins you have activated on your blog (and maybe what theme are you using).


    Anyway, I’m ready for a new release today. My plugin is a little bit more improved, thanks to the bugs reported by lionel_chollet, and I’m confident it’ll work (well, until the next bug that is reported 🙂

    Funny thing is, the previous version was released on July 1 (Canada Day). This last version will be released today, July 4, US Day… I think I’ll call them like this: Canada Day Release, and US Independence Day Release 🙂

    I hope there is no major bug in this release, so that I won’t need to have a sooner-than-expected Venezuela Day Release (July 5).

    Erm, why do I get this

    Warning: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /public_html/wp-admin/admin-header.php:27) in /public_html/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 770

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