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  • wervil


    Hi using Post from site after the recent update, and it works perfectly except for one problem.. the form doesnt go away when its done which would allow users to keep clicking submit not knowing they are submitting multiple times.

    shouldnt there be a redirect or a confirmation message there and termination of the form?

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  • Plugin Author Kelly Dwan


    on a successful submission, the form should clear and the page should refresh. can I see your site (to check that the JS is called correctly/the form set up right)?



    i thought maybe another plugin could be interfering, but i stopped that one and reinstalled post from site. the site is

    Thanks very much!



    {“image”:”none”,”error”:””,”success”:”Post added, please wait to return to the previous page.”,”post”:208}

    I got this message after submitting the form for POST FROM SITE. Please help- Would be appreciative.



    bump, anything on the confirmation and successful submissions?



    I am getting the same type of message as Flora1234. It seems that everything goes well and the post does get created but it’s getting hung up at the very end simply displaying {“image”:”none”,”error”:””,”success”:”Post added, please wait to return to the previous page.”,”post”:450}

    Hi guys,

    I was getting the {“image”:”none”,”error”:””,”success”:”Post added, please wait to return to the previous page.”,”post”:xyz} message too. I realised I didn’t have the wp_head() function in my theme’s header file. That fixed it for me. Hope that helps.

    – Steve

    Thank you for the reply stevekane, unfortunately, that was not the problem here.

    Hi Im facing a problem where in if users enter the post details doesnt get any notification that there post have been sent…

    Theres no success message..

    Please help to resolve it

    My website is

    I’m having the same problem. Any progress on this would be appreciated.

    It doesn’t look like creator is listening. Since I couldn’t wait around for an answer i had to go ahead with another plugin. more complicated but works and has support (if you pay for pro, i wouldnt expect too much help if not)

    theres Formidable Pro, and i havent used this but Gravity Forms might be suitable for some, though some of their capabilities are limited

    I’ve found a little trick. In pfs-script.js (line 34) add this:

    //succes message & reload;
                        setInterval("location.reload()", 3000);


    Change line 9 of pfs-submit.php to read:

    I had the same problem and found that it was because PHP errors were displayed. When parseJSON() was called on line 27 of pfs-script.js it was printing HTML along with the JSON string which parseJSON cannot parse. The author must have used lines 8 & 9 on pfs-submit.php to debug.

    I display the success message similar to how error messages are displayed by changing the complete function in pfs-script.js to read:

    complete: function(request,textStatus,error) {
                    data = jQuery.parseJSON(request.responseText);
                    if (data && data.error) {
                        jQuery('.pfs-post-form #post').val('Post');
                    } else {
                        jQuery('.pfs-post-form #post').val('Post');
    		jQuery('html, body').animate({ scrollTop: 0 }, 500);

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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