[Plugin: Post from site] can't write post if I have limited capabilities (2 posts)

  1. ElaineMarley86
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I'm using plugin "Post from site".
    Every post written from the front end is not a standard post, but a special post type (I called it "project").
    I want to allow just a special type of users (a new type I called "Students") to use it. students can't write standard posts, but just "project" type of posts.

    The problem is: when a Student goes to the front-end editor reads "You must be logged in to post." and doesn't see the editor. I think that's because in the plugin code there is this line

    if (current_user_can('publish_posts') || $options['allow_anon']){

    so I changed the line (every time it appears in the code) into this

    if (current_user_can('publish_project') || $options['allow_anon']){

    but it simply doesn't work (and I'm 100% sure the student has "publish_project" capability). Is there some other change I must do in order to allow Students to write from front end?
    Thanks everyone!

  2. combobreakerDOTcom
    Posted 2 years ago #

    I was having this same issue and replacing 'publish_posts' with 'read' in the three instances of the plugin seems to fix the issue. Not sure if this affects anything else, but so far it seems to resolve the issue.

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