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  • Hi,

    I cannot seem to get this plugin to expire posts at all. I have put the shortcode [postexpirator] into a post to test and it is showing the correct date & time for expiration but when that time passes nothing changes. I have tried:

    * Setting the post to go to draft on expiration
    * Setting the post to change category (I enabled this option in the settings and then picked the category in the post itself)
    * Clicking ‘Reset Cron Schedules’ under Settings -> Post Expirator Options -> Upgrade
    * Network deactivating the plugin and activating it for the current site only

    Any help would be great.


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  • Robert


    I have the exact same problem, no matter what I do, posts won’t expire.

    Try to put this

    <?php wp_cron() ?>

    in the file header.php of your template.


    please check your date and time settings in your WordPress installation. Eg:

    Date: j.n.Y ==> 5.6.2012
    Time: H:i ==> 11:33

    and put same settings also to Post Expirator Options:

    Date Format: j.n.Y
    Time Format: H:i

    It shoud work after that. And remember GMT time, usually post expiration uses WordPress GMT time and if you use eg. UTC + 2 hours, think you live in London when expiring messages…

    Hopefully works after these checks & modifications 😉

    best regards Jari

    Plugin Author Aaron Axelsen


    The plugin should handle timezone conversion correctly based on what your wordpress site is set to. So, I would be curious to hear more if this is still the case.

    The problem is likely something with the scheduling. The next version which i hope to have out in the next day or so has some additional diagnostics information and debugging options that should shed some light on what is going on.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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