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  • This plug-in is exactly what I need to expire posts about upcoming events on my site after they have occurred. However, it doesn’t work.

    Does this plug-in use the wp-cron.php file? I have noticed that this file did not have the closing php tags. Could this cause the malfunctioning of this plug-in?

    Alternatively, how do I reset the cron job, if I need to do this to get the plug-in to work?

    Could the malfunctioning be anything to do with my web hosting company and any restrictions that they run on the web server?

    Any help greatly appreciated.

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  • I should add that I am using the new 1.4 version of the plug-in.

    the plugin hooks into the wp-cron features of wordpress – I did not have a chance to test this on 2.8 – but it should work.

    Do future posts process correctly? the post expirator uses the same functionality required for the built in future posts to be published. You could try that to confirm the cron functionality is working correctly.

    I tried setting up a future post, and that didn’t work either. The post is now marked ‘Missed Schedule’.

    Next I will backup my website, and try upgrading to the latest WordPress version. Maybe that will install a new version of the wp-cron file and make this stuff work. I will report back.

    Unless my web hosting company have something in place that stops wp-cron form working but maybe that is unlikely?

    It’s unlikely your host is blocking it. wp-cron is activated when the page is loaded, so your best bet is probably upgrading and hoping that fixes it. Good luck!

    I deleted the old wp-cron file. Then I upgraded to 2.9.2. This resulted in the installation of a fresh wp-cron file. I then tested both future posts and post expirations using this plug-in. Both tests failed.

    I understand that wp-cron is activated when any page is loaded. I tried loading pages which were set to expire and which were past their expiration, and they continued to load.

    The new wp-cron file has no php closing tags. It just ends with die();

    Do I need to configure anything in the wp-cron file? Or do I need to reset it somehow?

    it should just work – maybe it’s something weird with your hosting provider? I’m never ran into a problem though where wp-cron failed to fire.

    php files do not require a closing tag – there are actually reasons for excluding it.

    I am sure that your Web Hosting Provider has blocked wp-cron.php from running. I am having the same problem…

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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