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  • Hi Jimrazz,

    what do you mean exactly by “same issue”… the author div doesnt appear on the posts or pages ?

    If so, then my first guess is that somewhere in the loop (probably due to interactions with other plugins), the content the plugin is trying to add gets squeezed out…?

    Or is the issue you’re referring to a problem in the ADMIN : eg, options you select are not remembered or an error message pops up?



    By “same issue” I meant that I experienced the same problem after I reinstalled the plug-in. The options I selected are not remembered on one post and on another I used the checkbox to try and disable author information. Have not tried it with pages.

    I tried the plug-in on a test blog with no other plug-ins activated and the problem persists with this theme.

    I tried three other themes on this test blog. It worked perfectly with WordPress Classic 1.5 by Dave Shea and partially with Church and Lifestyle by StudioPress.

    Options in the admin should be remembered, we’ve had no other report of options not working and our tests here reveal no problem with it with WP 2.9.x.

    When you say “options on one post”.. the only option on individual posts/pages is the “hide author”. We have had no issue here as well. This option, when ticked, is a simple flag that tells the plugin not to appear. It should have no other interference or action. The only way to tell if this option works is by having the plugin WORK on the entire blog, and then hide the info on ONE post.

    I personally see no explanation as for why the plugin wouldn’t remember its own options in the admin. No matter the theme. Theme should have an influence on whether the info appears on the public part of the blog, not the admin.


    hi i installed this plugin to my blog as i am looking to develop it into a multiple authors’ blog. the blog is
    i’m not sure if this plugin is suitable but i would like to add at the bottom of the page a field “about the author” displaying the name, a short bio of the author and a external link to the author blogs or social netwooks profile. is that feasible?
    many thanks 4 ur help

    Hi Marta,

    this plugin will not help you in displaying author bio and such. It will instead display the name of the author, date of publication/revision and a link to the author bio page/profile.

    I am sure other plugins will do what you want just fine.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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