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    I am implementing the free version of Portfolio Slideshow on a site. Frankly, the client’s budget does not allow even for the purchase of a single license, or I would buy the pro version.

    I am new to dev. in WordPress, and if this site goes well, I think I will be using your gallery for future sites – after hours of searching, yours truly seems to be the best, simplest solution for a professional business solution, and works in a mobile environment.

    The above “carrot on a stick” message done with, please help me out:

    I want to have 2-3 galleries on a single static page (oddly enough “gallery.php.” Can I do this with the free version? The tutorial video shows how to do it with the premium version.

    Also, I don’t have a clear understanding of how the gallery ID works. Again, I’m new to WordPress, but not PHP. If I go to the Media -> Gallery page and edit a photo, there is a field for “Portfolio Slideshow Slide Link URL.” There is no field for “gallery ID.” How do I differentiate?

    Thank you in advance. Again, I really like your gallery. Outside of WordPress, I usually write a gallery in CSS, but it depends on mousing over pictures, rather than a .js script, so it is not quite as classy.



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  • Plugin Contributor Dalton Rooney


    Hi Jason,
    You can do it, it’s just more difficult with the free version. In the [portfolio_slideshow] shortcode, the ID is the id of the parent post where the images are attached. For example, when you’re editing a WordPress post, you might see a URL that looks like this:

    The “post=813” part of the URL is the unique post ID for that post.

    So if you want to add multiple slideshows to a page, you’ll need to create multiple pages with some images attached, and use those page IDs when you add your slideshows to the gallery.php template. You can add the slideshows directly to the template with the do_shortcode() function.

    In the Pro version of the plugin, there is a custom post type for slideshows so they don’t get mixed in with your posts and pages. In the *next* version of Portfolio Slideshow Pro, you won’t be limited to images that are attached to a particular post or page, each slideshow can be any mix of images pulled from your media library. It’s much more flexible than the current version, but that feature will take a little while to filter back into the free version of the plugin.

    Hope that helps!


    Dalton, this may be a bit different question than the above.. I am trying to get more than one vimeo .mov to play within a single portfolio post.And when the lightbox comes up, I’d like to be able to click the arrow to go to the next video within it’s gallery, instead of the next portfolio post.This site does it: But it is flash. Shouldn’t there be a plugin that does this? My site:

    is it possible to click on one portfolio thumbnail/gif and have one video lightbox pop up and be able to play several videos from vimeo links in it?

    I can’t find a slider plugin or lightbox plugin or gallery plugin that does this…




    I have version 1.5.1 of the Portfolio Slideshow on (You’ve done a really nice job. It’s a good looking slideshow.)

    I too would like to have multiple galleries on the same page. Is the answer still the same as it was 11 months ago or has it changed? is there a shortcode for multiples? If so, how do I find it?

    Does the current Pro version do this really easily? And if so, is there a short code, where will I find it?

    Thank you.

    ~ Susan

    Plugin Contributor Dalton Rooney


    Hi Susan,
    I’m no longer the developer of Portfolio Slideshow or Portfolio Slideshow Pro, but as far as I know this hasn’t changed recently. It’s possible to create multiple slideshows in a single post or page with a little bit of work if you’re using the free version. It’s much easier to do if you’re using the Pro version – there’s a separate “Slideshows” tab where you create as many slideshows as you want, and then you can just insert them into your post with a shortcode.

    If you have any questions about the Pro version you can get in touch with George at


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