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  • What browser are you trying it on? I built it on my Mac that uses Safari, maybe there is a javascript difference.

    There is a new version of the popupper plugin, version 1.0.1.

    Turned out that the plugin was output javascript blobs like:

    <script type=’text/javascript’>//<!–


    This works on Safari, Firefox, Camino, etc., it doesn’t work on IE6 and IE7. The correct comment block should look like the blob below. It removes the “//” and the “!” in end of the comment block.

    <script type=”text/javascript”><!–


    I’ve posted my comment at your site. I’m using a MacBook and Safari, and while it displays nicely on the index page, it does not work in the “write post/edit post” admin section. It does work in Firefox.

    Does this work for WP 2.7 (beta-2) as well? I can’t see the icons in the post-edit screen!

    I only tested up to 2.6.3, at some point I’ll try it on WP 2.7. Right now, there are some other bugs I need to shake out.

    This plugin doesn’t work for me either, would really like it too though. I use wordpress 2.6.3 and firefox browser.

    Just released version 1.2. I believe it addresses adamsmark’s mce bug that was causing the buttons to disappear. Also, for nrajesh, confirmed that it works up to WP 2.7-beta3.

    Hi I just downloaded the popupper and I don’t see any button in the interface. I am using Firefox and wp 2.6

    Is there a code I can put in the html to see if the button is just missing and it works or a bigger issue.

    I’d really like to get this working it looks like a great plugin.



    I am also not getting anything in the interface, for using this. I am IE7 and wp 2.6.3. There is no ‘options’ in the wp settings, and nothing in wysiwyg for this plugin. Would love to get it working.

    This is very strange, because for me it works in IE7, and Firefox on my PC. It does not work with Firefox on my Mac. It does work with Flock (which is based on Firefox, so I’m even more confused), and Safari.

    It seems to work with every browser except for Firefox on my Mac. The two things I prefer over everything else.

    Any suggestions

    Sorry didn’t see these messages earlier… (thought was supposed send me emails when people posted on this thread). Looking into IE7. It works for me with Firefox 3.0.1 on my Mac.

    Can folks let me know the server type and php version they are using, I have a feeling this is PHP on the server-side issue. Possibly a php4/php5 issue.

Viewing 12 replies - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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