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  • I’m spinning this off as it’s own thread as I feel it’ll be beneficial for others in the same position.

    Popularity Contest isn’t stated to work with newer versions of wordpress, but honestly i wonder if it ever worked at all. I’m always up for a challenge though..

    I found it wasn’t counting any page views. Comments and pingbacks registered but no types of views.

    Where I’m at:
    in the raw code you can change a variable that at least gets it to spit out data. It isn’t a proper fix (as it states in the code that it won’t work with cached sites) and it’s recording wrong (homepage hits are recording as category views) but it’s a start.

    line 59 of the code

    // By default the view is recorded via an Ajax call from the page. If you want Popularity Contest to do this on the
    // back end set this to 0. Setting this to 0 will cause popularity contest results to improperly tally when caching is
    // turned on. It is recommended to use the API.
    @define('AKPC_USE_API', 1);

    change the 1 to an 0.

    I’m going to keep playing with it, to see if I can get it functional..

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  • Is there a way to keep the plug-in from counting people who refresh the page over and over again to “hack” an entry to becoming the most popular one on the blog?

    Joedel… Any progress with this. I’ve had problems with this plugin from the beginning. I’ve had to go into MYSQL and physically add the two tables just to get the plugin to work.

    After doing so the view counts have all been messed up. I can’t change the default values nor are they even registering as views anyway. I did what you said above to change the value from 1 to 0 but to no avail.

    I’m stick man. Let me know if you come up with anything!

    Work got the best of me and I haven’t had a chance to code anything in the past few months.. Finally getting back into it now. have upgraded to WP 3.12 and that caused more issues for this plugin.

    akpc_most_popular_in_last_days doesn’t work at all (it’s displaying ‘none’) and it’s also having trouble keeping track of historical data. it’s counting hits in the month that a post was created, not in the current month..

    I’m wanting to just give up, but there really isn’t another plugin like this out there.. (I’m looking only to display 7 days of rankings on the site, but would like personal access to the historical data)

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