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  • Hello, I’m using the default widget that come swith popularity Contest but I don’t wish to show each posts % in the list, I’d rather just a list of the most popluar posts.

    Is there a way to remove that %?

    check out to see what I mean (int he footer).


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  • Same here. I already set ‘no’ at the settings page – but percentages are still showing.

    I believe the ‘no’ setting on the settings page is for % displayed at the end of each post, not for within the widget list.

    I, too, however, would really like to get those %# out of the widget list. It looks cluttered and takes up two lines per item instead of one. I’d much prefer to just have a list of post titles without the %. Is there any way to accomplish this?

    I’ll remove this in the next release. Didn’t intend to have it in there, it was a side-effect of cleaning up a bunch of code. 🙂

    Hey Alex- I just installed your widget at and love it. (But not the score showing.) So there’s no simple way to hide it–like removing some code? And when is the next release? Thanks!

    Hey everyone – I red of the % and ranking on the widget.
    Go into popularity-contest.php and change line 1484 from

    ‘<span>’.$this->get_post_rank(null, $item->total).'</span>ID).'”>’.$item->post_title.’‘.



    no longer shows the rank and % symbol.

    Let me try that again

    1484 from
    '<span>'.$this->get_post_rank(null, $item->total).'</span><a href="'.get_permalink($item->ID).'">'.$item->post_title.'</a>'.

    '<a href="'.get_permalink($item->ID).'">'.$item->post_title.'</a>'.


    In your theme’s CSS file, you could add:

    .akpc_report span {
      display: none;

    This will take away the percentage without having to change the plugin code.

    Thanks @stevemagruder, I added that into my CSS file and it worked.

    Alex, FYI I just downloaded and installed the plugin and this parameter is still in the code.

    Where in the theme’s css file would I add the code you recommend? I’m pretty new to all this.


    rodlie, you can add it anywhere separate from other CSS statements, but perhaps at the end of the file would be the most convenient.

Viewing 11 replies - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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