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  • Hi

    I’m setting up 3 language sites with different content through multi-site. Basically I need to be able to select a language and it should take me (or the user) to a specific sub-site or sub-domain (not sure what to call it).

    Dunno if my wording is correct but just to illustrate what I mean:

    WP multi-site
           choose your language
          /         |         \
         /          |          \
    Afrikaans    English      German
    sub-site A   sub-site B   sub-site C
    content A    Content B    Content C

    and of course someone from English should be able to link to Afrikaans vica versa etc.

    Great Plug-in by the way. I had a LOT less hassle with this than many of the others!

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  • Apologies. My ASCII illustration got totally messed up there.

    Moderator Jan Dembowski


    Brute Squad and Volunteer Moderator

    I’ve edited your post with the code button, that put back the spaces so it displays better.

    ASCII illustrations don’t really work otherwise. 😉

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Currently, if you choose not to hide the URL language information for default language and do choose to detect the browser language, you will get 3 homepages:

    When the user will go to /mysite/ it will be automatically redirect to its preferred language homepage. Is that what you want ?

    I didn’t even know you can do that via the browser! But yes, I need to be able to redirect the user to the specific language or he should be able to go to any language from any language page (sub-site in a wordpress multi-site).

    And thank you Jan for the fix 🙂

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Every user can choose its preferred languages in any browser. For example, in Firefox, you can set this in edit->preferences->content. This information can be used by any website. It is used by Polylang if you check the right option (which is the case by default). If none of your website languages match the user preferences, Polylang reverts to the default language.

    Thanks Chouby!

    But I still need to know how I can redirect a user to any language specific sub-site in a WP multi-site set-up when they click on a flag or language selection. At the moment polylang only changes the language for the current sub-site.

    In other words:

    At the moment if I am in the Afrikaans sub-site and select English it does not change the directory but stays at /mysite/af/ instead of going to /mysite/en/.

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Do you mean that you used the multisite feature of WordPress and set up 3 different sites, one for each language? Polylang does not work like this. Other plugins do. Polylang allows you to setup a multilingual site with a standard WordPress installation, with no multisite feature enabled (or if you want, several multilingual sites with the multisite feature enabled).

    That’s a dissapointment! It’s such a great plug-in!

    Any other suggestions EXCEPT qtranslate – I had a LOT of problems with it to try and get Afrikaans working. I need something that will work with WP E-commerce. The only other option seems to be WPML.

    Plugin Author Chouby


    qTranslate, WPML and Polylang are, in this respect, working the same way. They don’t need a multisite installation to make multilingual site. They transform a standard installation in a multilingual site.

    I believe this plugin allows you to link different (multilingual) sites (I never tested it)

    Polylang has not been tested with WP E-commerce. For WPML, I guess you can just ask them.

    I’ve read that for SEO, Google recommends having each language in its own subdomain or subdirectory, all within one website domain. Can Polylang handle this? Is Polylang known to be compatible/incompatible with any particular SEO plugin? I’d like to use SEO by Yoast.

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