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  • Plugin Author Chouby


    If you don’t use the right locale, your theme is not translated correctly. I checked on your site and the theme is always in Spanish.

    .mo files are in wp-content/languages for WordPress (you can download them from the address I mentioned in the doc) and for your theme, I can’t know. It’s even possible that your theme is not ready for translation. I cannot check that. But you can. If there are .mo files somewhere in your theme directory, it’s ok. If there are none, you can still check the file function.php and look for load_theme_textdomain. If you find it, then your theme is ready for translation and nothing is lost. But I don’t know if .mo files are available for this theme or not.

    If you don’t have mo files and your theme is ready for translation, then you will have to translate strings yourself either using poedit (a program dedicated for programs translation), or the WordPress plugin codestyling localization (I just hear about this plugin bud never used it).

    Ok, I will check it now, but for lv I guess there will not be anything (1-2 Million people speaking Latvian in the world… xD)

    Lol, now I cannot modify widgets, when I get there it’s stacked, I think that this happened yesterday night too and got repaired after doing something in the plugin… or time… I don’t remember :S

    Plugin Author Chouby


    WordPress Latvian translation is available : ! It’s the magic of free software !
    Note that the locale is lv with only 2 characters (unlike English and Spanish)

    What happens with the widget ?

    The widget is fixed, it was another plugin that I installed in the meanwhile, so let’s go to the .mo now.

    LVs uploaded, in that directory there is just es_ES, I don’t need to download en_US as you said because… it’s default? right?

    I check now my theme.

    In my theme there is no translation, so the problem of that is…? It’s in English and I was using it in Spanish without problem.

    I think in some moment I edited some staff such as texts in comments to Spanish, but I am thinking to change to one external service.

    It would be for text like… “Previous entries”? I guess I translated that manually to Spanish and now is default and in every language that is in Spanish… shit XD

    Confirm me that is for that things. 🙂

    There is not load_theme_textdomain, so it’s not ready for translation.

    Now what then? I like the theme 🙁

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Do you remember where you downloaded your theme so I can look myself ?

    I guess it would be from the main directory of wordpress.

    Plugin Author Chouby


    I confirm that your theme is not internationalized. I will explain the procedure to internationalize a theme in a separate post. A different title will help other users identify it.

    Would you recommend me to change to some more updated theme? So I get translations and I get more functions… I will have to lose time again with some staff… but may be this will deserve.

    My main options in the first quick research were BlogoLife and Platform. Both are translation ready.

    How Latvian support works? every theme has to be translated to every language? in that case I would need to check before installing if there is already prepair latvian for some of them? I am guessing that they will be in Spanish and in English.

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Well there are so many themes. Even the most downloaded are not so widely used and generally available in very few languages. So finding one in Spanish will be difficult, except if you go to a themes developped by the WordPress team (twenty eleven, twenty ten…) but the design is not as … compared to your theme :-p

    Ok, let’s do the internationalition then. 😛

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