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  • First install today of polylang plugin. (please be patient with my english)

    First feelings 🙂 :
    – When no language activated, I got an error in the wordpress dashboard in settings/language and translations tab, need to add a language in the first tab.

    – I am unable to create two categories with same name in two different languages, I would like to find an automatic way to add all categories and hierarchical order from a language to another.

    – In admin dashboard, it is not easy when having lot of languages to find relatives pages and posts.

    – Creation of a new language child page made initial language child page lost parent info.

    hope this helps 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Chouby


    Welcome on the English forum ! And thank you for your valuable feedback. Here are my answers for each item.

    – Thank you for your bug report on the French forum. I will correct this in 0.6.1. In fact, I will follow your advice and disable everything except the language creation page while no language has been created. Easy and clean…

    – It is the WordPress core which prevents you to create two categories with the same name, not Polylang. I did not modify this. But in fact, your assertion is true only if you do not specify the slug. You can create an English category toto with the slug toto-en and the translation in French toto with the slug toto-fr. For category hierarchy, you are the first to express the need but you are right, it’s a lacking feature which would be interesting to add.

    – You write that because you did not see older versions than 0.6 ! I am open to any suggestion to improve this, provided that it is technically feasible using WordPress actions and filters.

    – I am already aware of this issue. Version 0.6.1 will fix it.

    Thanks for answer.

    Categories : Yes it is a wordpress core action, but maybe it could be automatic, when adding a category or taxonomy from another language, name and slug can be filled, slug with old slug and en_EN at the end for exemple or the extension which is found for the language selected in the combobox.

    – For pages and posts, I didn’t noticed the language filter select box, maybe it could be select with the current language on startup instead of all languages, as other language pages or posts can be reached by cliclking the pencil icon.

    When displaying flags in the menu, you should add the css style for image flags. I tried in Twenty Eleven and the flags are resized as img style for the theme is adding height auto, margin, etc…
    I modified in the base.php file in the get_flag function but, maybe it could be done in a css external file.
    My modif. in base.php (line 133):
    [code]return isset($url) ? ‘<img style=”width: 16px; margin: 0pt; height: 11px;” src=”‘.esc_url($url).'” alt=”‘.esc_attr($lang->name).'” />’ : ”;[\code]

    Plugin Author Chouby


    I guess it would be better to add the css rule in the child theme:

    .lang-item img {
      width: 16px; margin: 0pt; height: 11px;

    My first intention is not to add any css rule for the frontend as it is so much theme dependant… And users can use their own custom flags which can have a different size.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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