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    Hi, I have a problem with first access on my site ( I have two languages (swedish and english) where Swedish is set to the default. If i clear the browser cache to simulate first time ever access, I get both swedish and english on the first page (and no flags shows up). Both english and swedish posts, menus, ads etc. but the costom menu is shown in swedish only.

    As soon as I click anything on the page however (a menuitem, a category etc.) everything turns normal (i.e. one language) and flags appear. If i then exit the browser (same behavior on both ie and firefox) and go back in, it works as it should (one language, everything looks good). I have to empty all caches and cookies etc to get the weird mix-up again.

    I use polylang 0.8.3, default language set to Swedish, Detect browser language is checked, Hide URL language information for default language is checked, the other ones are unchecked.

    I have experimented with changing settings but none of them (default language, hide url…etc makes a difference).

    Any suggestions for how to fix this?

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  • Plugin Author Chouby


    Does the problem still exist with v0.8.5 ?

    Thank you! I just upgraded to 0.8.5 and the issue is gone! Wonderful!

    Hi there, The problem is back in Version 0.8.9 🙁

    I have Swedish as default and English. The flags are there. The problem is only in fronpage (home) and only with posts and categories..

    This massage do I get in “Localization”: “Loading Issue: Author is using load_textdomain instead of load_plugin_textdomain function….”

    Plugin Author Chouby


    Do you mean that a previous version was working and now it does not work with 0.8.9 ? If yes which previous version was working ? Did you check for a conflict with the theme or a plugin ?

    Hello there,

    I’m having the same problem: posts in English and Spanish are being shown on the homepage, but rest of the pages are working fine. I’m using WordPress 3.4.1 and Polylang 0.8.9.

    Something strange also happens with the Tags as, although they are properly entered in the post, not all of them appear on the right column widget.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Plugin Author Chouby


    @wia. Same questions as above. Did you check that the problem is not coming from a conflict with a plugin or the theme ?

    Hi Chouby,

    I have no other plugins installed except for the ones that come by default with WordPress 3.4.1.

    I use Elegant Themes. I deactivated Polylang and the problem with the Tags was indeed solved, but it came back when I activated it again.

    I don’t know about the English and Spanish version being showed at the same time on the Home page, though. I’ve tested every possible configuration there is. It worked fine for a few hours but, even with that same configuration now, I see both at the Home.


    Plugin Author Chouby


    Well it probably comes from a conflict with the theme which may need to be adapted. But it’s very hard to help with commercial themes since the code is not freely accessible.

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