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  • Probably a nutty request, but I wonder if it’s possible to restrict voting on an additional criterion (aside from the current ones of cookie and IP) to ensure / enforce that a voter has to be registered, logged in and can only vote once per poll.

    Can user ID be added to the restrictions? If so, how would / could I accomplish that?

    If you wonder why: it’s in the context of a members-only site, and I’m pondering the use of Polldaddy for an, ahem, election conducted online. No, I am not the owner of or otherwise affiliated with Diebold. =)

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  • Hi, we have no way of doing this at present. I will look into a way of doing this in future updates however… it would be a handy feature.

    Yay! Thanks in advance – and also for replying. 🙂

    Has there been any progress on this capability? I too want to have additional resticins to ensure one member=one vote.

    As a quick workaround, you can install a plugin that protects content from being displayed, i.e. that only shows content to visitors that are logged in and have the assigned roles / capabilities. Then, you insert the PollDaddy polls inside the protected area (many have handy protection tags) and presto: only members – and those with proper permissions – will be able to see the polls.

    As I said, that is merely a quick workaround, as it won’t stop crafty members from deleting cookies and then happily voting again (and again, and again) or from those members who using proxies, through which they could circumvent the single IP limitation, if you use that limitation (and you don’t have a block of proxy visitors in place, which a very large number of WP sites don’t have).

    It still is better than a poke in the eye though, and it should at least filter out the general non-registered public, if indeed you have a members-only voting policy.

    Mike Smith


    I just sent this exact same question to the folks at PollDaddy – I hope this integration is in the works because that would be excellent.

    On a sidenote, I found that this plugin ( does have an option that requires that users be logged in to take a quiz and it associates their response with their user account BUT it doesn’t have an option to limit 1 entry per user (which should be an easy enough tweak). Also it doesn’t allow to export responses like polldaddy does (also it’s not as user friendly as PD).

    If anyone has found a solution that integrates with WordPress accounts, please share!


    Mike Smith


    Here is another one that integrates with wordpress user accounts – – definitely not as feature rich as polldaddy, but does the trick.

    Once again – I hope user integration is something that polldaddy is working on.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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