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  • I already send feedback to Polldaddy regarding Polldaddy plugin for WordPress but after several weeks I still didn’t get reply nor plugin was updated, so since authors are following this forum they maybe get notice.

    Thing is that there are some strings that aren’t wrapped in gettext functions, so they can’t be translated. So here are they.

    On page for new custom style, most of the options are not i18ned. They are in file polldaddy.php on lines 2143 to 2975. Note that there are some values from dropdown list that don’t need to be i18ned, like sizes, font names etc. but I think that you can figure that out.

    On page for poll editing, section design, everything below picture of a style (1 of 20, wide, width etc), which is pulled from JavaScript, is not i18ned. Also string “You currently have no custom styles created.”

    Poll form (I believe this is also from JavaScript since I don’t see it in file except example which is also not gettexted): “Other”, “Vote”, “View Results”, “Share This”, “View Comments”, “Return To Poll”, “Total Votes”, thank you message, etc.

    On a page for editing ratings, labels are not i18ned (I belive that they are pulled from This is on lines 3320 to 3361. Note that first td is i18ned but second one uses value like $settings->text_votes and this is what is not i18ned.

    One more thing I’d like to suggest are better plural forms, like described on

    After you fix this, please update this plugin used on since over there I noticed this issues at first.

    Thanks in advance

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  • Hi there, I have addressed most of these issues in version 1.8.8. Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated.

    Hey, I sent you a reply to support polldaddy com that delivery failed with error “Unable to process the account password info.”

    Is this a right address or not?

    I still didn’t get any reply on this nor plugin has been updated.

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