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[Plugin: Polaroid Gallery] It Works… BUT!

  • It works, it runs, it ruins any attempt at validation you have ever hoped for. My website went from 0 css errors to 38 (and that was being kind, I use CSS3, at css 2.1, which is still the defacto standard, there were 43)

    Now I understand that basically no gallery plugin is going to validate, I have faced this and moved on, created a new footer with no valid css just for my galleries… BUT! This messes up EVERY SINGLE PAGE. Not just my pretty portfolio page, and don’t get me wrong this plugin looks fantastic, but not fantastic enough to destroy the css on every page on my site.

    Great looking plugin, now try looking into it a little more.


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  • Plugin Author janisto


    so what is the problem?

    Vendor specific extensions to CSS3 do not validate, but they are still used, since it’s the only way.

    So the option is to use 100% valid CSS3 that 0% of current browsers support or some validation errors that do not break anything.

    See: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-2d-transforms/


    I understand that there is going to be validation errors(although I have replaced the plughin with another extremely similar one that has none. Oh and works in EVERY BROWSER.) But to have it destroy every single page of my site with upwords of 40 errors, most of which are Parse Errors, not having anything to do with browser specific coding, is UNACEPTABLE.

    It was a nice try to validate your feelings through attempting to belittle my opinions with half truths, but not good enough. Use oQey Gallery, it has served me well and have not had to sell my soul to the “it’s good enough” side of designing.

    Plugin Author janisto


    so what is the problem?

    Take your UNACEPTABLE bullshit somewhere else!

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