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  • I have to say I was a skeptic…
    But after giving it a trial run I have to say I am thoroughly impressed.
    This framework uses MySQL the way it was meant to be used in all of its glory.

    My only criticisms:
    The admin needs work. I love ajax, and it works fast, but sometimes the WordPress admin just needs a page refresh to make everything run a bit smoother. I would love it if the admin actually used some of the WordPress CSS because well to be honest… it is a bit more friendly.

    I can’t rename anything, I have to make something new, and drop the old, this is very cumbersome. This goes for Pods, Templates, and Pages.

    The concept of saving PHP in the DB may be turning a lot developers away. There are a lot of people who’s creed is to never do this. Templates, Helpers, ect… this is all great in theory, but aren’t these more contextual? Being contextual, this hints that maybe these kinds of things should live within a the “view” of the MVC pattern.
    Pods CMS is undoubtedly the controller with a beautiful way of manipulating the model built underneath and for the Pod object, but I am not sold yet on the View part of this pattern. There seems to be a better way to implement this, with more finely grained contextual control, maybe with an all-out Pods CMS Contextual Templating System?

    I’ll throw this out there and ask ever heard of Konstrukt?

    It is not your average PHP framework. It is the most clean, well documented, simple, yet sophisticated framework I have yet to come across. Like most good frameworks it does not include the model, but it is wonderful in the controller and view aspects of the MVC. Especially the view, it uses a the “rendering” concept with output buffering to allow wrapping, inheritance, and the general use of a view in all of its modular potential.

    I thought I would throw this out there, and no I’m not a developer on the Konstrukt project. I am just thinking with Pods CMS being such a great model, I would love to see something like this to be integrated along with it.

    Thank you for a great plugin, and a lot of hard open source blood, sweat, and tears.

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  • @jimisaacs – Thanks for the great feedback. Another Pods developer (Scott) has taken the initiative towards improving the Pods user interface, and has recently released the Pods UI plugin.

    By him working more on the front-end and myself working towards improving the core, we’re hoping to “divide and conquer” — eventually bringing it all back together into one robust package.

    Your suggestion to be able to rename pods/templates/helpers/pages is in the queue, and will likely find its way into 1.8.x.

    The Konstruct project does look really interesting, and I’ll take a closer look at it to see how we can use it to improve Pods.

    Please do add the ability to rename including pods themselves if at all possible.

    The ability to export/import DATA as well as the definitions would be most helpful.

    Finally, why does every action insist on throwing up a dialog box?? This takes us out of the workflow.

    Regards, Julian Knight,

    New UI coming out soon, all these will be accounted for 😉

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