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  • With the mightyseek forums down, I thought i’d try to gather podpress issues, links to fixes and other efforts here.

    I’m currently trying to pursue the issue that in IE7 with WYSIWYG editing on you can’t actually get to edit or start a new post. this seems to be down to the code in podpress.js “refPlayerDiv.innerHTML=[etc]”

    which is triggering this issue i’ll post back if i get any further on this.

    feel free to post/link to known 8.8 issues here – it would be nice to have a central resource.

    small tip: in WP2.5+, comment out all of podpress_admin_postedit.js – it’s code for the old admin interface (new dbxGroup etc), that just causes JS errors now.

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  • Love the podpress 8.8 plugin, but it’s wreaking havoc with my image thumbnails in WP 2.6.2 With the plugin de-activated my blog behaves normally. With the plugin activated here’s the behavior I get:

    When editing an old post or writing a new one, I click the “add an image” button on the tool bar.
    Upload and image or select one from the gallery.
    In the “Size” radio button, select thumbnail or medium
    Click Insert into post.
    No matter what radio button I select, I get the full size image in my post.

    Otto posted this fix for 2.6 :

    PodPress in WordPress 2.6

    I have a new (for me) problem… I’m trying to post a podcast in wordpress 2.6.2, and the “Add Media” button does nothing. I can’t expand that section to put the podcast in, and I don’t know enough about how to hand-code the RSS feed in HTML to work around this.

    I have the other fix in from August.

    I am running WP 2.6.2 and podpress 8.8
    (just upgraded to that version of WP – it’s the latest my web host is carrying).

    Any advice?


    For me PodPress 8.8 works with WP 2.6, in Firefox broswer at least, when I disable Post Revisions (this can be done by plugin or the Gamerz method in your wp-config). The Otto method also fixes it.

    I’m not sure why we’re trying so hard to fix a plug-in which seems to be one that will no longer receive support. I understand that the community that uses podpress is thankful for the history and the hard work put into it in the past, but we need something that is supported in the last 11 months. This is especially true for new podcasters. Podpress forums are down, and the website for podpress still advertises it like it came out last week… not last year.

    I think the reason is that PodPress is so feature-rich. It does what podcasters need, in a simple and clear way. Also, it is already installed on 1000’s of blogs, and all those users already know how to use it. (For some of us, that includes the fact that we taught our clients and authors how to post their podcast, using PodPress, and it seems tricky to change it on them now)

    Starting over sounds nice, but someone else will have a lonnnnnnng way to go to catch up to where PodPress is already.

    Plus there’s the issue of switching. Any new plugin would hopefully offer an import feature. The alternative plugin called “Podcasting” has thought of that, and they now offer a PodPress importer, to make it easier to switch, if you wish to switch to that plugin.

    However, my hope is that someone will work with seek3r to revive and update PodPress. That would really give you a big head start, in terms of features and established user-base.

    Anyone got a better suggestion?

    Anyone discovered another plugin that’s just as good?

    here’s my bare bones ‘category casting’ plugin

    it doesn’t provide an inline player, and it doesn’t provide download stats, but it does let you set up multiple podcast channels. and with WP doing the enclosures itself, that’s enough for me.

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