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  • Hi,

    I just upgraded to 3.3. I also just added a media file to a blog and gave it the right category. Same thing I do always. But the feed is not showing the latest blog.

    Coincidentally I just installed w3 cache which might have something to do with it but I am not sure.

    I tried uninstalling w3cache and reactivating but no change.

    I also noticed the lastBuildDate in the feed at being set to a date into the future. not sure if related or whatever. server time is correct.

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    w3 cache or other plugins are storing the feed in a cache memory and update the stored version only under certain circumstances.
    It seems likely that you should study all of their options and settings.

    I have posted also a new podcast with WP 3.3 and can not report a problem.
    (I don’t use one of these cache plugins.)

    I have turned off all caching and still at a loss.

    Could you point me in the direction to figure out what DB settings are required for podpress to think that a post should be included in the feed?

    So this is the entry I have in the wp_post_meta table for a post that is not getting accepted into the feed even thoguh I would like it to.

    a:1:{i:0;a:10:{s:3:”URI”;s:103:”″;s:5:”title”;s:45:”Questions we need to make socially acceptable”;s:4:”type”;s:9:”audio_mp3″;s:4:”size”;s:7:”2486647″;s:8:”duration”;s:4:”5:11″;s:12:”previewImage”;s:81:””;s:10:”dimensionW”;s:1:”0″;s:10:”dimensionH”;s:1:”0″;s:3:”rss”;s:2:”on”;s:4:”atom”;s:2:”on”;}}

    The first part where it says i:0 is what I was comparing against some of the working ones and I thought it might need to be 1. So I set it to one in the DB. Then I refresh the feed but no luck. So I try to force a regenerate of the feed by updating the post in question. By doing this, the i gets set back to 0.

    I presume this meta data is what is queried against to figure out what should go in the feed but not sure. Any thoughts?

    Plugin Author ntm


    i:0 is the default value and I’m not sure why or when it should be different.

    I have visited your blog and noticed that the last podcast episode is visible in all the feeds of the blog but not in the podcast feed which podPress adds to the blog.
    I have no good idea for further actions. My best guess is that the cache plugin has maybe cached this feed differently than the others. Maybe it is still somehow stored in the cache memory.
    If this is the case then the episode should be appear in the feed if you do a test and rename it (modify the slug name) e.g to podcasts (instead of podcast). But this will of course alter the feed URL. That is why you should change the name back after the test.
    But on a second thought it should be sufficient to change any other setting of this feed in order to find out whether it comes from a cache memory or not. For instance you could change the feed title or sub title. If the feed gets generate every time you open the URL in the browser (or any other feed reader) this modification should be visible immediately. (Well, some web browser also cache the feed data. To be sure clear the web browser before you reload the feed.)

    Trying the following does not change anything.

    The feed/podcast/ url only returns 10 feeds? Would this have anything to do with it? The way I am doing this podcast thing is to go back through the years and read some old posts. The podcast date is set ot the date of the original post so even knew ones do not make it to this list since they are old.

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