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  • meetwp


    Statistics for m4v files are not working accurately.
    If I play a video file in iTunes store it is counted 4 if not 5 times.
    If instead it is played on an iPad or iPhone it is counted twice.

    Statistics for mp3 files work fine.

    I am using Podpress Version

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    Thanks for the report.

    I’m trying to find out why this happens. But that is a little bit difficult because I don’t own such a mobile device and I have also no podcast registered at the iTS. Resolving this might take a couple of days. Please, be patient with me.



    It might be useful if I shared my stats. Is there any private way for me to send them to you?

    Plugin Author ntm


    Yes, a look at the raw stats list (Stat Method: Full) would be very interesting – especially directly after a download from an iPod/iPhone/iPad and after a play of a video on the iTS page of the podcast.
    I’m interested in the full User Agent name of the iTS page and I want to know how small the time between the clicks is.
    It would be great if you could tell me the User Agent names and the timestamps. But a screenshot is probably only useful in case of the timestamps. If a User Agent name is relative then full name is only visible when you hover with the mouse cursor over the name.

    If you have an iPhone/iPad/iPod then you can give me those information by visiting my test blog with it. is a post with an m4v video. Maybe play it with the your Apple device and afterwards one time with a normal computer so that one download attempt in my statistics list is clear divided from another.


    Plugin Author ntm


    I have some tests on my own. Not with an iPhone and not via the iTS page but with e.g with Firefox and Chrome on an computer with Ubuntu. Both browsers use the Totem Player plugin to play m4v videos which are embedded by podPress and this browser plugin loads the video file with multiple requests and uses each time the masked URL of the media file.

    If you activate the statistics feature of podPress then pP masks all media file URLs with an special URL scheme e.g. while the real URL would be e.g. If some clicks on such a mask link podPress recognizes that, counts the click and gives the real URL.

    Quicktime on the Windows system uses probably this real URL which podPress returns or does not use multiple requests to load the file while the Totem player plugin uses obviously always the masked URL. I guess that the player on the iTS page behaves like the Totem player plugin and that the doubled counting of iPhone clicks could have also something to do with this matter.
    As I have implemented the basic HTML5 support for .mp3 files in podPress I have seen also a comparable behaviour of some of the browser built-in players. I have resolved this particular problem by using the new HTML5 event onplay and AJAX technique. This might be a way to solve the issue with the Totem player. But It will not help with in case of the iTS page player which which probably makes also multiple requests with the masked URL.

    At the moment I have no concrete idea on how to fix this. But it is likely that it requires fundamentally changes of way how the click counter of podPress works. In conclusion I estimate that it will take some time until this fixed.

    I’ve tried to dig around a little but haven’t been able to discover much.
    Here are some stats, I’ve deleted the last two ip sets for privacy.
    One solution would be a simple script that tells the podPress statistics to ignore any further data after the first time an ip address loads a file and insert a timer of 5 or 10 minutes.
    So that if the same ip loads the same file after 5 or 10 minutes it is counted again.

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    Plugin Author ntm


    Thank you for your help!! I’m very glad about it and I’m very interested in the code snippet which was probably longer than 10 lines of code.
    Could you post it again somewhere and post the link here?

    To implement such an timer is an idea. Although I think that 5-10 minutes are may be a little bit to much in some cases. There are probably podcasts with short episodes. If someone is playing/downloading such an episode and he/she wants to play or download the file again then the file would be locked.

    One of my ideas is to regulate the counter by the User Agent string. For instance if I download an m4v file with my Ubuntu computer then the first User Agent string of the download would be the one of the browser followed by several from the browser plugin. That is a recognisable pattern which can be used. But so far I know only this special pattern.

    That is why it would be great if you could visit my test post with your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch and leave one or two trace in my statistics. (In the last days my stats method was Counts Only. But now it is Full again.)

    Dear ntm,
    I’m sorry to disappoint you but I am a very lousy programmer and just theorized a solution.

    If someone is playing/downloading such an episode and he/she wants to play or download the file again then the file would be locked.

    In the end it is the same person so it is not so important for statistics in my opinion.

    I’ve tested your page on an iPhone, iPad and mac.
    I’ve played the video file twice on the iPad.

    Have a good day

    Plugin Author ntm


    I’m definitely not disappointed. On the contrary I’m very glad about your ideas and your help!

    I’ve tested your page on an iPhone, iPad and mac.
    I’ve played the video file twice on the iPad.

    Thank you very much!

    My statistic shows now 4 entries from your IP address. 1 of an iPad browser (AppleCoreMedia/ (iPad; U; CPU OS 4_3_3 like Mac OS X; en_us)), 1 of an iPhone browser (AppleCoreMedia/ (iPhone; U; CPU OS 4_3_3 like Mac OS X; en_us)) and 2 requests of a QuickTime plugin (QuickTime/7.6.6 (qtver=7.6.6;cpu=IA32;os=Mac 10.6.8)).
    But I would say that the last 2 entries are from mac computer. I think that because there is more than a minute between the request from the iPhone and the first request of the Quicktime plugin.
    For me it looks like you have played the video first on the iPad (twice), afterwards on the iPhone and finally on the Mac.
    Is that correct?

    My interpretation of these results is that you have probably not reloaded the page between the attempts to play the video on the iPad. The counter has counted only one attempt because the counter counts only when you click on the preview image. At least it looks that way.
    But if you have played the video from the mac at last then I’m a little bit surprised that there is no entry in my list which contains the User Agent string from the web browser of your mac.
    I’m surprised because if I play the video on my computer the entries in the raw stats list with “QuickTime” in the User Agent string are always preceded by an entry with the User Agent string of my browser.

    Yes you are right, the last device to play the video was a Mac.
    I have not reloaded pages.

    I am using Safari Version 5.1 (6534.50)

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