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  • Plugin Author ntm


    I’m not sure why it does not work in your blog. But I have tried to add it to a post in my blog – without any problem.

    On the other hand it would be helpful if you could describe what you are doing and what does not work. (Could you see an error message?)

    I have noticed that this URL is not the default URL to embed this video. Maybe try this one:
    It is the one you get then you are on the YouTube page of the video and click on the “Share” button below the video frame.


    This URL works:

    but this URL doesn’t work:

    so Tim, am I right that podpress should also detect “watch_popup?”, so that both URL work normally?


    Plugin Author ntm


    If you have no reason for using URLs with ‘watch_popup’ use the URLs with ‘watch’. I don’t know what the purpose of the ‘watch_popup’ parameter is. But it is not the default one.

    I see no reason why the watch_popup URLs should not work with podPress. podPress can handle URLs which start with “” or “”. Also I could not reproduce the situation in which encountered a problem. But there various possibilities and circumstance which I’m not aware of. That is why it would be great if you would describe your actions, name the theme and the browser you are using etc.. Also I still don’t know how the problem presents itself to you. That is why it very difficult for me to tell you more than what I have said in first 2 sentences of this post.
    It is possible that the problem you observe might be related to your blog or browser or something else.

    Hi Tim!

    I think you mis-understand what I mean!
    -> Now I know podpress cannot detect “watch_popup”, so I will correct this manually if I encounter the same problem again (provided I still remember this at that time)
    -> however, for most of the non-technical users, they simply copy and paste the video links, they will think podpress is mal-function.

    I am not sure if detect “watch_popup” is an simple task,
    -> if yes, hope that this will be implemented to provide a convenience to users

    Plugin Author ntm


    As I said above podPress can handle URLs with watch_popup. (Such an URL starts with I don’t know why there is a problem in your blog. I have of course tested the URL above and I have no problem to add the video to posts in blogs. The videos appear correctly and in the same way as they would do while using an URL with ‘watch’.
    Since I can not reproduce the problem, I have difficulties to understand what the nature of the problem is. It means also that this is no general problem which happens in every blog. It seems likely that this is related to same circumstances in your blog. That is I need a little more help from you.
    Please, describe how the problem occurs (What is happening after you add the URL and update the post? Does the video frame appear in the blog post? Is there an error message? Are the other podPress elements visible? Does the Javascript error console contain related messages?).
    Please describe step-by-step what you are doing and what you observe.

    Or if you are unsure how-to use the Javascript error console in your browser or how-to use it then it would be great if you could post a link to a post which contains such not working video.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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