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    The second option in the drop down menu should be “Premium Content” and not “Restrict Content”. Which podPress version do you use? (at least since 8.9.x it should display “Premium Content”)

    Furthermore the second option should also be available in sub blogs. But whether or not the list contains options besides “Free” depends on a certain capability of the current user. podPress adds usually the capability premium_content to all users with the role Contributor, Author, Editor and Administrator. This works also in Multisite blogs.
    Which Role has the user account which you have used to make the second picture?

    I’m using the latest version. I’m logged in as Administrator and took both pictures with the same log in.

    I’ve just completed a new instalaltion of WordPress multisite, this time installing WP 3.2.1
    I’ve just installed podpress activated Enable Premium Content.
    Built a post and added a media file, but I still only get free.
    This is in both main and subsite.

    Can you share the recommended steps to get Enable Premium Content working?

    I’ve installed Members and again only on the main site do I get Restrict Content.
    So now to try another membership software and figure out it the issue is with Podpress or Members.
    Can you recommend any other membership software to test?
    Thank you

    Plugin Author ntm


    I’ve installed Members and again only on the main site do I get Restrict Content.

    That is an important hint. Thank you for this. I will try to find out what is wrong.
    podPress adds on activation a new role “Premium Subscriber” and adds the capability “premium_content” to existing roles. Maybe the way it does that is not okay anymore. It is absolutely possible that this is a problem of podPress.

    Until I can tell you more: Maybe you can add this capability “premium_content” to the existing roles (e.g. author, editor etc.).

    If a role has this capability then a further option (Premium Content or Restrict Content) should be available in that list.
    I think that “Restrict Content” is probably an option of the Members plugin and I’m not sure whether it should show up in that list of podPress.

    I’ve learned a few new things.
    Sub sites work when you go into each sub site and add the same “Restrict Content” role to the Users you are using to protect content.
    So this is not a bug but the way wordpress works on multisite.

    I cannot find “premium_content” capability in the “Members” plugin “Roles” page.
    I’ve also gone into cPanel and searched for “premium_content” into the tables but have not been able to find it.

    I’ve now manually added “premium_content” capability in the “Members” plugin “Roles” page of the Administrator. And it appears in the menu.

    Like you say, “Restrict content” might be coming from the “Members” plugin.

    In any case the next step would be to tie the podpress “premium_content” to a membership level. Any suggestions how to do that?

    Plugin Author ntm


    I have had a little bit time to take a first look at Members. It does not seem to have a possibility to add new capabilities and I don’t know yet why the custom role which podPress adds is not in the list.
    But you may try to add the capability restrict_content (first column of the list of capabilities). If you add this capability then an user with this role can see and choose the option Restricted Content. If you choose that option it should work as the podPress option Premium Content.

    Hello, I was able to add premium_content using Members. If you are having trouble I suggest using user-role-editor It works the same but seems easier to understand.
    I have added the restrict_content capability to administrator and can protect content using the podpress premium option as you can see here

    Now I can’t tie the protection to a membership software so that a user can log in and the protected content becomes available.
    Do you have any membership software recommendations?

    Plugin Author ntm


    You may use Members. Try the capability restrict_content. It should work. I have made a quick test: I set as an Administrator (which has this capability by default) this Restricted Content option for one podPress media file and the player was visible for the logged-in user. But it was hidden for not logged-in visitors. Furthermore the download links of the media file were hidden and you could see a hint that this media file is protected content with a link to the login form.

    Besides this I can not say something about mebership plugins or recommend one of them. I have no experience with these plugins. Also I’m not a big fan of the Premium Content function of podPress. Because it does not really protect the content (It hides only the URLs on the blog page. But if one knows the where your file are then he/she can still access them (as you can read in the description of the feature).). I’m not sure why Dan (seek3r) has left it in this constitution in the plugin. It would only be a good feature if it would be able to restrict the access to the files.

    After a few days of testing I can confirm once restrict_content has been activated and assigned to a particular role, it does protect content if not logged in and makes content available once logged in.

    To protect the real link there are other systems. Although it would certainly be perfect if podpress could also hide the links!

    Thank you for your help

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