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    I am running podPress on WordPress 2.7. I have validated my feed. However, my stats don’t show up for my latest podcast. The stats actually weren’t showing up before I updated to the latest podPress. I thought the update would help. But it hasn’t.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    Have you changed something in your blog in the time between your last podcast and one before? A new plugin? Changed settings? Which stat method do you use? Which is the current permalink structure in your blog? Have you changed it lately?

    Yes, I updated several plugins between the last podcast and the new one. I have not put in any new plugins.

    Settings have not changed.

    I’m using podPress Stat method. And the PodTrac one. Although I disabled the PodTrac one to see if that would help the situation. But the podcast is still being pulled from PodTrac.

    For Permalink Structure I am using the date and name option. I have not changed it other than to try other options for a fix in the last several hours. As it stands now, it’s still the date and name option. Other options make the podcast not even able to download.


    Plugin Author ntm


    Is your the podPress stat method “Use WP Permalinks”?
    Which is your stat logging setting? Counts Only? Full? Full+?

    The podPress downloads numbers are divided in “web”, “play” and “feed”. Are all of these number of your last episode zero? Is the file name of the last episode listed in the “Quickcounts” or the “Downloads Per Media File” table?

    Does the download counter work for the older episodes if you download or play one of them? (resp. is the problem limited to the last episode?)

    If the problem is not limited to the last episode then:
    Have you tried to deactivate these recenzly updated plugins temporarily one by one to control if there is an interference between podPress and an other plugin?

    Using Permalinks. Counts only.

    My last podcast doesn’t even show up in the Quickcounts statistics therefore there aren’t even zeros. And if the “Downloads Per Media File” table is the one with graphs, then, no, it doesn’t show up there either.

    Yes, the download counter works for other episodes.

    I haven’t deactivate the plugins I recently updated because honestly I am not sure which ones they are. Is there a way to check?

    I did delete the podcast post and re-post it. There was an issue with a funky permalink and re-posting it fixed that. But still it won’t show up in the stats.

    Should I update to WordPress 3?
    Should I get the No Revisions plug in?

    Plugin Author ntm


    podPress works with WP 2.7. I have tested it again. The revisions bug should be fixed since 8.8.2.
    No don’t update if you don’t want to. And the No Revisions plugin will probably also not help.

    The fact that the counter for the other episodes is still working, is for me a sign that something is wrong with the post of the last episode. If none of you plugins is only influencing the post with the last episode then it is unlikely that an other plugin causes this problem. (If plugins filter the content or effect the links then they do it usually for all posts in the same way.)
    May I have a look at your web site?

    “Downloads Per Media File” table is a table of the options Full and Full+. It is in a way the equivalent to “Quickcounts”. (Switching to Full or Full+ is not going to help with this problem.)

    Plugin Author ntm


    If it is not enabled then please, set the option “Show Download Stats” on the general settings page of podPress temporarily to “Enabled”. This will let the downloads counts appear in the line below the player and it will be possible to check whether it is a problem of the count function or maybe the Quick Counts table.

    Sure you can look at my site. It’s

    Also, it seems like this has been ruled out. But it might be worth mentioned that the podcast did not show up in the stats before I upgraded many plugins.

    Thanks for your help.

    Just re-read. And I enabled by Stats.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Yes, you are right. The stats are working (again).

    For me it is hard to say if an other plugin has caused this problem resp. which one has caused it. But it is not impossible that one plugin disturbs functions of an other plugin.

    BTW: Your web site has an interesting layout. I like it.

    The stats aren’t completely working. Yes, they show up on the website in the counter. But Episode 25 stats still doesn’t show up in my Download Statistics.

    I’m about to put out another podcast today. So I guess I will see if this one shows up in the Stats.

    Do you think I should deactivate some of my plugins and see if that helps?

    Thanks for the compliment to my site. Much appreciated.

    Plugin Author ntm


    No, don’t deactivate plugins. The download counter is working and that the episode is not visible in the statistics table is probably only a representation error. 25 is a “magic” number. If you have more episodes then the quick count table will have page-breaks. Below the table should be a row which contains page numbers and “previous/next” links.
    But maybe there is something wrong with podPress. I will look into the code and report back later.

    Are there no page numbers below the quick counts table?

    Yes there are page numbers. Actually it reads “Posts” then a drop down menu of 1-25 and 26-29. I only have 25 Episodes. But some got posted twice, hence the 25.

    BTW. I just posted a new ‘cast and the stats show up in the Download Statistics. So maybe #25 is just a special “magic” missing one.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Yes, you are right “Posts” was not the best choice to name the numbers and the column with the post names is probably misleading.
    The post name is actually the name of the post which had the first download first download of a certain file. If you add a media file to a post and you publish the post then listener will listen to this episode and the counter counts the downloads. But if you add a media file with the same file name as one before to an other post than the download of numbers of file in the second post are going to be added to the download numbers of the first file.
    The statistic function stores the numbers by the name of the file and separated by post names.

    If all your media files have different names and if you post each media files only one time and if each post has only one media file then “Post” column in the quick counts table is useful.
    But for instance if you delete a post with an episode (added with podPress) which had already downloads and you re-post the episode in a new post maybe with a different title then this title will not show up in the “Post” column of the quick counts table. But the counter will continue to count the downloads for the episode because of the same file name and the post title in the “Post” column will be the one from the the first post.

    What I want to say is that if you have changed the post title during the re-post of episode 25 than the new title will not show up in the “Post” column. Search instead for the old post title or the name of the file.

    Plugin Author ntm


    The values in the “Media File” column should be unique file name. But the “Post” column can contain one value multiple times.

    Or does your “Media File” column contain not only unique values?

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