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    Do you use other plugins which influence the RSS feeds of your blog? (Or which other plugins are active in your blog?)

    All the RSS feeds of your blog don’t contain the standard XML namespace definitions which you could find in a RSS feed of a clean WP installations. The feeds also don’t contain the iTunes RSS tags which podPress usually adds. Because the XML code does not show some of the default elements I think that a different plugin may be involved.

    I’m just looking at the plugins I’m using and most are pretty normal, but here’s the list, just in case:

    Advanced custom fields
    Contact Form 7
    Cookie Warning
    Enhanced Text Widget
    WP eCommerce (with the Gold Cart add on)
    ICS Calendar
    Lightbox Plus
    RSS Shortcode (displays rss feeds within a page on the site)
    UberMenu 2 – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin
    WordPress Importer

    I’ve had a look at the podpress settings, and I’ve turned on podPress Category Casting for the ‘sermon’ category (under the categories tab as well)
    It is a custom built template which probably won’t help (someone hired a team in India to build it, and I’ve been brought in to try and clear up the mess (as it’s running 3 months behind schedule!)
    I have noticed that if I simply put a link to the audio file into the page that it shows up and plays as an audio feed using Google Reader and feedburner, however now I’ve got podPress looking good and working (on the site) I’d like to try and get it working to podcast side as well.

    Plugin Author ntm


    I will do some tests later to day or tomorrow. But I know that the WP eCommerce plugin is very powerful plugin. Please, look through the settings of this plugin, Maybe you can find a setting which influences the feeds. (As a quick test you may deactivate this plugin for a minute, reload a RSS feed while it is deactivated and look whether the feed looks different. Afterwards turn the plugin on again.) If I know which of the plugins also influences the RSS feeds, I’m probably able to help.

    Good guess, I turned off WP e-Commerce and it’s all working at the moment. Had to renew the feedburner but everything came through clean.

    So I guess the question is how do I keep it working with WP eCommerce working, as that’s one of the things I’m not allowed to change as they need to maintain the user knowledge of how to use that plugin (and also as they’ve paid for the gold cart update!)

    If there’s a way of making them work together that’d be amazing, otherwise I have an alternative idea which I can try, but it’s not going to be as nice as doing it with podPress.

    Plugin Author ntm


    A while ago some else noticed this problem too ( There is a solution which allows to use both plugins at the same time.
    But currently you would need edit the podpress.php file.
    Edit line 298 (

    add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'podPress_feed_content_filtering' );

    Add the number 7 like this:

    add_action( 'pre_get_posts', 'podPress_feed_content_filtering', 7 );

    7 is the priority for this action and it means that the podPress action gets executed a little bit earlier than the WP e-Commerce action.
    I was in contact with the WP e-Commerce developers. But it seems that they could not find a better way to implement their functions. That is why will probably add an option to podPress to adjust this value.
    But until than you may use the little modification as shown above.

    Wahey! Thanks for that, it’s all working nicely now.
    Yes that would be a useful update to your code! But it’s a simple enough change to make yourself, the answer has just got to be found.
    Thanks for your help.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Since this problem is directly related to the WP e-Commerce plugin and setting the priority manually may lead to problems with other plugins, I will add a mini plugin to podPress. That mini plugin will raise the priority of the action if necessary and nobody needs to modify plugin code.
    Basically one will need to copy the related (sub folder and) file from the /optional_files folder to the /wp-content/plugins folder and activate the plugin.
    This needs to done only once and is independently of later podPress upgrades.

    Had the same problem – thanks for the fix!!!

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