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  • I was hoping someone could help me think this all through.

    I was recently going through my server’s root directory look for old files I could delete. I came across my error log, and noticed it was rather large. So I opened up, and noticed a lot of error messages. The error messages of consequence have been happening over the last month or more, and said that wp_podpress_statcounts needed to be repaired. I did that, and lost about a months worth of stats when it was done repairing. Not so bad.

    However, I then decided to check the rest of my database, and noticed that wp_podpress_stats is completely corrupted. I can’t even browse it. So, it seems to me that my two options are to ignore that, or to empty it.

    From what I can tell, emptying wp_podpress_stats will cause you to lose all your stats. If that’s the case, why did wp_podpress_statcounts also cause me to lose some stats? Are the stats stored in two different tables? Did they cause each other to mess up?

    What would others do in my situation? I have about a year and a half of stats for about 6 different podcasts in that database. I’m thinking about copying everything down, then doing the empty. However, at the same time, I’m tempted to move along with the corrupted table, since I don’t see any effects from it.

    Does this happen often? What is effected by that table? Any advice would be appreciated, since the Podpress forums have been down forever now.

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