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  • BenFitts


    Someone please help us!

    We need someone to take over the podpress plugin or create a new equally usefull podcasting plugin for wordpress.

    Seeker the original author has disappeared admittedly he claims work/family issues and I understand. However that doesn’t change the fact that we “podpress users” feel abandoned.

    Podpress doesn’t work with WordPress 2.6+ without edits to configuration files and stuff like that. In my opinin that is not a suitable fix for a major web site because we don’t want to be modifying our config files for every new wordpress release.

    When wordpress 2.6 came out Seeker wrote on his forums that he’d have a fix in 10 days. He asked for donations to help encourage the work. I and others like me donated. 10 days came and past. This is when we find out about his family issues.

    Now his forum is closed and we don’t have any way to communicate with him. He says it was due to spam. (Yes his forum was being spammed but damn it the fact is he is absentee and thats why the spam was such an issue!!!)

    Who can help us?

    People like myself that are trying to create interesting podcasts that we might be able to get some money from. We’d be willing to pay to help support a real podcast plugin but we need someone reliable.


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  • Dgold


    I’m all-for anyone else jumping in and making another plugin. If it works as well as Podpress, that would be great news. I’d try it. However, for now it should be noted that the developer of Podpress still says on his website that he is working on the next version. He hasn’t abandoned it. And, I believe Podpress works if you install any of several plugins now available which disable Post Revisions. Have you considered adding a simple plugin, if you don’t like the code-hacking method, to turn off revisions?

    Quoted from Seek3r’s site:


    • The forums are screwed up due to spammers. I am working on the podPress update, but its going to take awhile longer. Sorry to all


    He asked for donations to help encourage the work

    that is not true, it was other user initiative, and he replied that this will not changed anything



    and, as dgold said, there are several plugins that solve the “revisions” problem elegantly. (I like this one)

    Podpress isn’t the only plugin broken. Twitter plugins, etc also broke. So, intall a revision-turner-offer plugin and stay calk until Seeker shows up.



    Two months is more than enough time to code a fix.

    Breaking wordpress to make a plugin work isn’t a very good solution. Then you’re dependent on TWO plugins to get one plugin to work. When upgrades come out you now have to worry about two seperate plugins.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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