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    Please, tell me which feed reader you have used. The iTunes client software?
    My first thought was that podPress does not modify the content of the feed <item> elements <description> nor <content:encoded>. It removes only all the formatting from the iTunes:subtitle, itunes:summary and the other itunes elements in the feed. That is intended and necessary.
    But there is a difference between and which might eventually cause this problem. But because I could not reproduce this problem or how you have observed it, I have removed that part which might be a problem.
    You may try the current Development Version.

    Thanks. Attempted to do that, but as soon as I unzipped the dev. version my win 7 machine went down with a corrupted CI.dll file, it’s unbootable and I’m now restoring from a system image (I hope). Now, I’m not going to say your ZIP caused it, but it *might* indicate that your file in the dev. area has a rootkit or similar virus?

    Hope not, but maybe worth checking. Going back to the prev. version for now and will wait for some official update beyond, provided the PC survives :).

    Plugin Author ntm


    Well, nothing is impossible. But the files of the dev version are in the official WordPress plugin repository and is not likely that the zip file contained some kind of virus.

    Because I still don’t know what the problem is and you don’t want to make the test with the dev version, we need figure out the problem a different way. But I definitely need your help.
    Please make a copy of the current XML code of your feed and post it with the help of one of the pastebin services.
    Afterwards install and do the same. I would like see the difference between both source codes.

    I have modified a line of the code of for the dev version. But without knowing that it would help, I’m not going to make this modification in the next release.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Since I have special privileges on that plugin repository server I could only try what you have tried. I have download the Development version, checked it with an updated antivirus software and unzipped it. No virus. No problem or other difficulties.

    I still think that it could be easier to install this dev version than installing copying the XML code of the feed and posting it, making the roll-back to again, copying that XML code and posting it too.
    But second way is probably more systematic and not only a shot in the dark.

    You can find more about Pastebin services here

    Thanks – understood completely (also glad your files are not the culprit) but I will need to try to find time to run that comparison and it could be quite a while (sorry!).

    Plugin Author ntm


    I will need to try to find time to run that comparison

    It would be great if you could post the XML code of your feed produced by the 2 different podPress versions via a Pastebin service. It would definitely help me to locate the problem.

    Where have noticed the missing formatting? In the iTunes client software? iTunes Store page of you podcast?


    (ps: I meant to write that I do not have special privileges on that plugin repository server.)

    Hi – haven’t had time to do the comparison yet.

    I notice it in any feed reader, any browser’s feed reader, etc., and it impacts the RSS of the website itself, not the RSS of the podcasts alone.

    Plugin Author ntm


    I notice it in any feed reader, any browser’s feed reader

    That is interesting. But it makes me more curious about the differences in the XML code which is produced with .10.6 and .10.7 in your blog.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Okay, after a long search I have probably found the solution or explanation for missing formatting.

    I have to correct myself. There is one option in podPress which has influence on the content of the <content:encoded> element. If you set the option “Aggressively Protect the news feeds” to “Yes” then podPress will remove all formatting elements and converts non-ASCII characters to there numeric equivalents (e.g. ü becomes &#252😉 in the content of a post.

    The option “Aggressively Protect the news feeds” influences all feeds.

    Is this option set to “Yes” in your blog?

    If you are using (or going to upgrade to) then set this option to “No”. Your feed should still be valid.
    It would great if you could confirm that.

    This is an very old option and it has become deprecated. I will most likely remove this option in the next version.

    Thanks – set it to No, then upgraded to ….8 version and it’s looking good. Thanks!

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