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    I recently installed the podPress plugin to our website and our feed is being pushed to iTunes through feed burner. (Feedburner feed) (podPress feed)

    I am having SUCH a tough time getting the image for the podcast to show up in the iTunes store. All the images for the podcasts show up because they are ID3 tagged to the mp3, but we cannot get our logo to show up when you search for us in iTunes.

    I’ve looked up solutions everywhere and just cannot get a definitive answer as to what the problem is. I have the image hosted on our website so its not the image URL. It shows up when you click the preview, it is 600×600.

    My question is, do I need to have the link for the image in my wordpress address, or should I have it in the feedburner under the “Optimize” panel, or both?

    Also, am I doing everything correctly to get the image pushed to iTunes? Does it really take this long to refresh and show up? Its been a good week and a half since I got the feed to start showing up in iTunes searches yet I cannot get the podcast image. I can make an edit and add/remove a podcast and it shows up instantly but I cannot get image.

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    It looks like you are doing all things right.

    But there are 2 things which I recommend to adjust:
    – as the Roger Wilmut told you in the Apple forum, it is good (maybe necessary) to take a itunes:image with 1400×1400 pixels. (Since the last update of podPress this value has been changed and the next version will contain the updated value.) see

    – it is also a good idea to create an RSS image with 144×144 pixels. Some feed readers use eventually this as an icon or other purposes. (currently it is still the podPress default image)

    Besides these to little things the feed is definitely fine and valid and iTunes should be able to pick up the image without problems (but maybe try a bigger version of the image).
    It takes iTunes usually not more than 24h to take over modifications from the RSS feed. Feedburner updates its version in a similar interval. All in all it may take 48 hours. But Feedburner has button which you may use to force an update.


    Ok I have updated the photo to a 1400×1400 photo and I also updated the RSS image with a 144×144 image.

    I still have no picture on iTunes. Before I updated the images to a higher resolution I had yet to see any picture show up and I have been waiting for almost 3 WEEKS.

    Is this normal? It seems a bit ridiculous.

    I have pinged my feedburner to no avail as well.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Did you change the name of the image file? The server notices new images only if the file (or folder) names has been changed.

    Usually iTunes should use the new image within 24h as far as I understand it. I don’t know why it is taken so long in this case. The feed is fine –
    and the images have the right size.
    If you have used a different file name or placed the image file in a different folder then it should work.

    Maybe it is time to ask Apple again. If they have an answer then it would be great if you could post it here.

    Yeah I changed the name of the file. It is in the same folder but I mean its clearly a different file name so I don’t feel I should have to move it, no?

    I suppose I will wait a couple days to see if anything changes but if not I’ll try and get ahold of Apple but they seem to not really care about podcasting issues since it is not profitable for them, they are merely a martyr.

    Plugin Author ntm


    I changed the name of the file. It is in the same folder but I mean its clearly a different file name

    Correct. That should be enough.

    “[…]If you change your podcast’s image, also change the file’s name. iTunes may not change the image if it checks your feed and the image URL is the same.[…]”

    In this text you can also read that the image needs to be in RGB colors (CMYK colors are not supported).

    Maybe it is also worth to try and save the image file with a different software. I have used a while ago a program which did not created certain image file correctly. For instance they did not include a preview image. I used a different program to correct that (e.g. GIMP). But maybe this only a wild guess.

    Plugin Author ntm


    I have a further idea. Feedburner adds a lot of further information and format commands to the feed. It is only a wild guess, but maybe these elements confuse the iTunes Server somehow. I would say that it should make no difference. But maybe it is worth to try to deactivate the additional stylesheets e.g. <?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" media="screen" href="/~d/styles/rss2enclosuresfull.xsl"?> and media:content elements somewhere in the Feedburner settings.

    How do I go about doing that?

    Plugin Author ntm


    Look into your Feedburner account and you will find options/features like SmartCast and BrowserFriendly. Try and see what happens when you deactivate these options.

    I have tried everything and nothing is working. This is absolutely ridiculous and I don’t know what the problem is. Could it be that because my hosting site is a Go Daddy website and Go Daddy and iTunes do not communicate well? Should I host the image somewhere else?

    Plugin Author ntm


    Could it be that because my hosting site is a Go Daddy website and Go Daddy and iTunes do not communicate well?

    No, that is highly unlikely.
    As long as one can open the RSS feed e.g. with a web browser and see the itunes:image changing in the source code of the feed then the hosting provider is not the problem.
    The problem is probably on Apples side.

    Is the image file which should be the itunes:image?

    In every case I recommend to rename the file (once more) and put it also in a different folder. The iTunes Server will recognise changes only this way.

    I completely changed the hosting and put it on a photobucket address so we will see.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Okay. It is probably a good idea to accelerate the update in Feedburner. There is a possibility inside the Feedburner Account which you can use to make Feedburner update immediately (it is maybe called Ping or something like that.).

    FINALLY showed up. It was the godaddy hosting that was messing up the photo because Go Daddy and iTunes apparently are not friends when it comes to certain things. Thank you for all of your help concerning my issue!

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