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    Hi everyone, I have been using podpress for the last few weeks and everything has been working perfectly, my podcasts were going to iTunes, new episodes going through fine.

    Just recently I have noticed my latest episode hasn’t gone through to iTunes.

    Manually checking my podpress feed – I can see the new episode isn’t showing on there and obviously nor on my feedburner link

    I haven’t changed anything on my site apart from disabling the podpress player in favour of using the soundcloud player widget.

    I think there was a podpress update recently, I always update everything when updates are available so I am wondering if it was that.

    If anyone could help me out id really appreciate it as I am a bit stuck )-:

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  • Anyone?

    Plugin Author ntm


    It seems that the location of the 7th episode is not correct. As you can see in the blog post there is no MP3 button for the episode. It is the default download button. Furthermore the link does not go to a MP3 file. If you click on Donwload, the Soundcloud site opens.

    You have probably not inserted a link to a sound file as the Location.


    Schoolboy error!

    Thanks very much for your help, I have updated the post with the correct link.

    Do I need to do anything to wake it up so to speak or with the changes be published automatically?

    Plugin Author ntm


    Do I need to do anything to wake it up so to speak or with the changes be published automatically?

    No. Probably not. The post and the episode are already in your feed.
    The Feedburner version is also updated.

    Wicked, thank you so much for your help!

    I couldnt see tyhe wood for the trees (-:


    I have a similar problem-

    My problem is that for my feed:

    Itunes keeps using the blog post as the <itunes:subtitle>. I want to create a custom Subtitle that is standard on all podcasts.

    Therefore, whenever someone writes an apostrophe or something, the feed breaks.

    When you use category feed, you can do this. Any ideas?

    line 145, column 270: XML parsing error: <unknown>:145:270: not well-formed (invalid token) [help]
... logy in Education (ISTE) conference&#823...</itunes:subtitle>

    <itunes:subtitle>It is always fun when I get to chat all things Apple with Kelly Dumont and Scott Meech! In this week’s episode, we share some of our favorite resources and moments from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference&#823...</itunes:subtitle>

    Plugin Author ntm



    Because of the abbreviation sign (the 3 dots without square brackets) I think that you are maybe not using podPress
    If you are not using the current version then please upgrade.

    If the upgrade does not help then please use this discussion. if the upgrade does not help then I need to find more out about the circumstances. For instance I would like to know more about the character encoding settings of your blog (Reading Settings > Encoding for pages and feeds and from wp-config.php DB_CHARSET and DB_COLLATE).
    But try the upgrade at first.

    I upgraded, but there are still some funky things happening with iTunes Summaries, enclosure links and such:

    line 214, column 3: content:encoded should not contain relative URL references: blank (3 occurrences) [help]

    line 2511, column 2: item contains more than one enclosure (3 occurrences) [help]

    <enclosure url=”″ length=”0″ type= …
    line 2612, column 0: content:encoded should not contain object tag (7 occurrences) [help]

    <p><object width=”230″ height=”85″ data=” …
    line 4029, column 0: itunes:summary should not contain HTML: &utm_campaign; (3 occurrences) [help]

    Here’s the link thru Feedvalidator:

    Plugin Author ntm



    the feed is valid and these other notices are only recommendations. All are related to elements in the content of your posts.
    For instance:
    content:encoded should not contain relative URL (3 occurrences)
    You have obviously 3 posts which contain links with unusual URLs or no URLs e.g. <li><a href="blank">Methods for Teaching Children with ASD
    href=”…” should not contain the word blank. There should be an URL. This means that this list element looks like a link on you page but does not lead to another page. In other words the link was not set correctly while the author has written the post and it is not only and issue for the feedvalidator.
    item contains more than one enclosure (3 occurrences)
    means that there 3 posts in the feed which have more than one media attachment. Maybe you have added more than one media file with podPress or you have set a link to a media file in the text. WP recognizes those links and creates automatically an enclosure (media attachment of a post in the feed). This is no big problem because podPress sorts the enclosure so that a podPress enclosure will be the first in the feed <item>. iTunes and other feed readers take usually the first media file and ignore the other ones.
    content:encoded should not contain object tag (7 occurrences)
    This means that some of your posts contain an <object>. That could be a Flash element in the post e.g.

    <object width="230" height="85" data="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"></object>

    Probably a type of button.
    But the formulation is “should not”.

    All recommendations are related to things which are in the posts and inserted by an author and it is likely that you would see them with or without an active podPress plugin.



    I’m having issues with one of my feeds.

    feed:// works fine.

    feed:// is broken. I just published the first show in this category today, and the settings are exactly the same for both feeds, except for the category.

    Plugin Author ntm


    @bdusablon: Does the problem still exist? feed:// seems to work now.

    What exactly was/is the problem?

    the settings are exactly the same for both feeds, except for the category.

    The settings are probably not the same. Currently the itunes:image and the RSS image of this feed are the default images while the other feed has custom images.

    BTW: It is recommended to open new threads for new problems and this one may run with the same header but has nothing to do with the problem mentioned above.



    Thanks, ntm. Must have just not been patient enough for the new feed.

    I’m also having a problem with a broken feed. Just launched our first podcast today so I don’t know if it’s operator error:

    Any help would be appreciated.



    Plugin Author ntm



    it seems that it is difficult to load the complete feed. Sometime I get the first part of the RSS feed with the first post. But sometimes I get only “500 Internal Server Error”.

    I’m not sure what is causing that. it might be a problem with the time limit for executing a script (e.g. max_execution_time or maybe max_input_time) on your server or maybe memory limit (memory_limit) issue.

    Try to find out what these limits are. You might use plugins like the WP System Health plugin to do that.

    Which is your current podPress and WP version?


    ps: Please, open next time a new thread. This problem may have the same header but the problem in your case is probably not the same as in the cases above.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Maybe shut off the cache plugin for a moment and test again.

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