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    Yes, I do have an idea. Chrome, Safari and the IE9 are able to play mp3 files without using the 1PixelOut player (without Flash). podPress detects the web browser and embeds the mp3 files according to the abilities of the web browser.
    But you can uncheck the option “Use HTML5 tags:” at the player settings page of podPress. If you do that podPress will embed the mp3 files always with the 1PixelOut player or Podango player.
    The background of this option is that mobile devices like iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch don’ support Flash but HTML5. So if you leave all as it is it should be possible for everyone and every device to play the episodes via your web site with the one disadvantage: the player looks not always the same.
    (But there are plans for future to implement a player which looks in every browser the same.)


    ps: Thank you for the screenshot!

    Awesome! That actually makes perfect sense now that I think about. I didn’t realize the HTML5 option checked until just now.

    Thanks for the help!

    I didn’t realize the HTML5 option checked until just now.

    I have made this a default setting in Because I thought that this is the setting which makes the web site player element useable on all platforms. But you are right. I have not announced it explicitly or have not explained it enough in the Changelog. Since you are not the first one who has stumbled over this I will think about solution. It is planned to use a new player which uses Flash and HTML5 and has the same appearance on all platforms. But I can not tell at the moment when something like this will be implemented.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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