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    The “Play in Popup” link does not work when clicking the link from a main page (viewing multiple posts). When viewing a single topic, clicking the “Play in Popup” link works just fine. I’m seeing this error on all the major browsers on all major operating systems.

    I used the Elements panel in Chrome to look at the code of the links, and I noticed some discrepancies in the code. To warn you, I consider myself a noob so take it easy on me.

    Here are 2 example links from my site of the “Play in Popup” code as reported by Chrome:

    Does not work:
    <a href=​"#podPressPlayerSpace_6" class=​"podpress_playinpopup podpress_playinpopup_audio_mp3" onclick=​"javascript:​podPressPopupPlayer('6', 'http:​/​/​​podpress_trac/​play/​853/​0/​Uncle-Jesse-The-Stoney-Jackson-Experiment.mp3" , 290, 24, 'deez notes', '853', 'stoney jackson experiment', notes'); return false;">​Play in Popup​</a>​

    <a href=​"http:​/​/​​2012/​03/​the-stoney-jackson-experiment-by-uncle-jesse/​#podPressPlayerSpace_1" class=​"podpress_playinpopup podpress_playinpopup_audio_mp3" onclick=​"javascript:​podPressPopupPlayer('1', 'http:​/​/​​podpress_trac/​play/​853/​0/​Uncle-Jesse-The-Stoney-Jackson-Experiment.mp3', 290, 24, 'deez notes', '853', 'Stoney Jackson Experiment', 'deez notes')​;​ return false;​">​Play in Popup​</a>​

    Notice the link that does NOT work has the MP3 file wrapped in a ‘ and a “
    That can’t be right? I also noticed that the case is different for the title (which isn’t a big deal), but right after that, the site name on the link that does NOT work is missing the first half – the first half of the site name is also missing the leading ‘ (it reads notes’ instead of ‘deez notes’ ).

    Hopefully all this makes sense. I’m not sure where to make these changes if this is indeed the issue making the Popup player not work from the main page. If someone could help out with this, I would greatly appreciate it. The link to my site is just in case.

    Thanks in advance.

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