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  • Since the last upgrade to Podpress, for some reason iTunes is not picking up the iTunes podcast image. Not the per-show image, but the general podcast image set in the PodPress > Feed/iTunes settings.

    We’ve been using Podpress for years and usually just updating the link in the settings fixes this issue, but not this time. Nothing we do seems to fix this issue… and from what we can tell, now there’s nothing left *to* do. We’ve even gone as far as to overwrite the default “mightymouse” image in the podpress images folder in the plugins trying to get it to work, but nothing is changing it. It shows up in the feed, it shows up in the settings, everything seems to be functioning just fine. But iTunes still shows their default purple guy icon instead of my client’s selected podpress image. It’s been several weeks and their show ranking is going down because without the image, their show is not as attention-grabbing in the iTunes store.

    • Yes, the images are located where they are supposed to.
    • No, we made no changes to the feeds or settings that were previously working.
    • Yes, the images are displaying in the settings area and are linked correctly.

    The client said they heard it might be an issue others were having, but I’ve not found this anywhere, so if you’ve had a similar issue, how did you fix it?

    Thanks so much!

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  • Does the plug-in developer still support the plugin? I’m just curious. I appreciate that it’s a free plug-in and value the developers time, but a resolution or at least some sort of reply would let me know if I should be waiting for an update or whether we need to find another podcast solution.

    Thanks so much! 🙂

    Plugin Author ntm


    Yes, I’m still there (and Dan (seek3r) maybe too) and I’m sorry for the delayed answer. I’m currently a little bit busy with other, also important things and this will be that way for the next 4-5 weeks.

    So far I’m not sure what the reason for that issue might be. You have not changed a thing and I’m very sure that I have not touch this part of the plugin while doing the modifications for

    I need further information before I can try to suggest something.

    Which images does iTunes pick up? No image or an old image?
    Has the problem occurred in other blogs too?

    Maybe it is only a coincident with the plugin upgrade and something on the iTunes server has been changed.
    Which is the format of that image?

    Are you able to open the URL of that image in your web browser? Is the images displayed correctly?

    May I have a look at this RSS feed?


    Hi Tim!

    Thanks for the reply. 🙂

    iTunes is only displaying their generic “purple guy” podcast icon, not the client’s same image they’ve used for the last 3 years. This problem seems to be only with this client’s blog — I’ve not heard any complaints from other clients, but I don’t have that many podcast clients.

    The format of the images 600×600 (per iTunes) .png at 72dpi.

    Yes, the image can be opened in a browser and the images are displaying correctly.

    And the image displays correctly in the Feedburner feed, so I know the feed is being updated.

    The client has posted several new podcasts since this time and we’ve even spoken with iTunes to no avail.

    Feed here: OR

    I hope that helps a bit.


    p.s. to be clear, I’m referring to the MAIN podcast image, not the image associated with each podcast.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Hi Joelle,

    the source code of the RSS feed is flawless and the part of the iTunes image is also correct. The image URL is correct and you a right, the image is available for the public. This means that podPress works correctly and the settings in the blog are also right.

    Feedburner page shows the RSS image (tsh_podcast_logo_144.png).
    But the itunes:image in the Feedburner version is “” and that URL leads only the 404 page (and not to an image file).
    The itunes:image in the original version of the RSS feed ( is “” and this image is available.

    I guess that you (or your client) should make Feedburner update the feed. Or if this is the result of a setting in the Feedburner account then you should change the URL of the iTunes image there.

    I have also looked into the iTunes Podcasting Resources and discovered that they recommend that the iTunes image should be at least 1200×1200 pixels wide (see
    You may adjust the size and it is important to give the new image a new (different) file name. This will signal iTunes that the image has been modified.


    Thanks, Tim. It’d been so long since we set up the Feedburner SmartCast settings, that I didn’t even realize those needed updating.

    I appreciate you helping me figure this out. I’ve updated the image (1200px seems ridiculous, but ok…) and have pinged Feedburner to update, so hopefully it’ll update iTunes soon, as well.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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