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  • Hi,

    I am not technical and we had a freelancer install our WordPress and plugins. We have PodPress so that I can get our MP3 files into iTunes. However, when I submit our feed,, I get the message “This feed has no episodes.”

    However, I don’t see anything when I load an MP3 file using PodPress about episodes. I read somewhere that I need enclosure tags? I can’t see the code that PodPress is generating.


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  • Hi kahickey,

    your feed does not contain podcast episodes.
    One reason is that the feed contains no post with podcasts episodes.
    The last post with an podcast seems to be the post “Enterprise considerations for Embedded 3G”. But this post is not in the feed (
    For more posts in the feed go to the Site Admin > Settings > Reading and in crease the value of “Syndication feeds show the most recent”.

    But I’m not sure if you have added the podcast episode(s) the right way with podPress.
    If you add the episodes with podPress to posts then these posts with podcast episodes are in this special podcast feed of podPress. This feed contains only posts with (at least) one episode added with podPress.
    podPress adds these enclosure-tags automatically if an episode has been added with podPress. Further it adds these enclosure- and iTunes-tags to all of your feeds.
    (But podPress does not help with upload of the media file. Use a FTP program or the uploader of the WP posts editor.)

    If you add links to the podcast file to an post then WP will add an custom field with the name “enclosure” after you hit the Save or Update button of the post editor. If this happens then WP adds the necessary enclosure-tag to the default posts feed by itself. iTunes will recognize the episode in the feed. But if you want to add more information about the episode to iTunes then you should add the episode with podPress (or an other podcasting plugin) and avoid links to the episode file in the post content. Because you will mostlikely expiience a different problem like described in this thread ( But it is maybe not necessary to add a link to the media file to the posts content because podPress adds a download link and a player beneath (or above) the post content.

    If the PHP version on your web server is newer than 5.2.3 then I recommend to use podPress 8.8.4. 8.8.4 has still some bugs but it does not break the WP media uploader buttons above the editor any more.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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