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    Hi Tim,
    I admin for a church website that has been using podpress for years to send their feed to iTunes. About 3 weeks ago it stopped working. They said they saw a “URL error” in iTunes.

    I have been running their feed through feedburner since before Google bought it. Since this is a Japanese website I was using but it looks like that domain stopped working with no notification to me from Google! I want in and changed the feed to and it verifies fine. In fact I think everything is working well but iTunes still does not pick up new episodes.

    I selected “enable” from the iTunes:New-Feed-Url dropdown in the feed settings page under iTunes settings and I also selected it under the feed podcast section at the bottom of the page. It has been two weeks now and iTunes still doesn’t pick up new episodes.

    Another admin enabled category casting and created a new feed for a different category and iTunes picked it up right away.

    Do you have any idea why iTunes suddenly stopped updating the old feed? Here is the URL of the feed in podpress: and here is the feed that is sent to iTunes:

    I am using WP 3.4.1 and Podpress beta 19

    The itunes FeedID for this podcast is 284653168

    If you have any advice how to troubleshoot I’de be grateful!

    P.S. my other sites are working fine and thank you for your continued valuable service to the WP community!

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    Hi Ray,

    the unavailability of the Japanese Feedburner website and feed explains that no new episodes appear on the iTunes Store page of this podcast.
    Activating the iTunes:New-Feed-Url option will not help in this case. The iTunes server knows only the old feed URL and the feed is probably still unavailable. Also if the Japanese Feedburner server does not work anymore then it will not take over changed feed settings from the original feed.
    That is why activating this option will have no effect on the iTunes Store server.
    The iTunes:New-Feed-Url option should be used before something like this happens and the old podcast feed becomes unavailable. For instance if you change the domain name of the website or if you move your podcast to a different web site. The new feed should also be available at the same time.
    Both feeds need to be parallel available for approximately available for 2-3 weeks. In this time the iTunes server will recognize the new URL with the help of the <itunes:new-feed-url> tag in the old feed and change the registered URL.

    I believe that in this case the only way to change feed URL is to contact the iTunes Store like it is described in in the section Submission Errors and Duplicate Feeds of the iTunes Podcasting Resources.


    ps: I have noticed that you are using “(c)” instead of the copyright sign in the copyright section of the feed. Do you do that because of trouble with the validity of the feed? Have you received error reports like in this case?

    Thanks for the great explanation. In American English we say “Duh!” I should have realized that! I am really miffed that google would suddenly stop the jp server like that. I guess not many people were using feedburner in Japanese, but still…

    About the (C) verses copyright symbol. I have used that historically because it is legally acceptable and causes fewer problems. I did notice the thread you are referring to but have not had any issues with podpress, itunes and the copyright symbol. But I always use the plain text version anyway so I don7t know whether there is an issue there or not.

    Best regards,

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