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    Hello, I am working a HUGE WordPress Website. I has a section of for Podcasting (which may have more than 100 different podcasts to start with), so I am placing them in Categories, So for example there is one called the “ways of God” which already has 9 mp3’s. I figure than once we hit 10, we can’t go further (per page). What could I do?

    I need some ideas – See website here:

    Thank you,

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    An easy way to increase the limit of 10 file per page or post is adjust the “max. number of media files” value on the general settings page of podPress.
    But if you increase this value to e.g. 100 (or more) then you may experience longer page load time when you open a page or post in the editor of WP. That is why I would recommend to leave this value as it is, make for each episode a single post (it is not necessary that such posts has text content), put these posts in categories (as you do it already) and link the category overview pages on this sermon-mp3 page (instead of pages as it is now). So that if you click on “Ways of G-d”, you get an overview like but only with posts with these special sermons. podPress adds its elements on these overview pages, too. If you have more than 50 podcasts per category resp. page or if plan to have such a amount of episodes per page than this would be the way to go.


    Thank you that was a superb idea! See:

    Now, I have a different problem, I have the first post of the mp3 showing up in the RSS preview? But this never happened. I do not like that, how would I get rid of this?


    Plugin Author ntm


    how would I get rid of this?

    To answer this question it would be nice and necessary to know the template of the archive pages of your theme.
    This part with the grey box contains probably a call of the get_the_excerpt() function of WP or some other connection to the the_content, the_excerpt or get_the_excerpt WP Action Hook.
    The podPress elements become inserted with the help of these Hooks.

    Basically, on a first look I would say that the easiest way would be to disable the related line in the template file of your theme.

    For testing purposes create fill something into the excerpt box which is one of the boxes below the (WP) post editor box. Do it only for the latest of these mp3 posts and look whether this excerpt content appears also in this grey box. If the excerpt content appears also then we will know that it a call of the the_excerpt (or get_the_excerpt) function is involved.

    But if could tell me a way to have a look to the source code of this theme then maybe I could help with finding the related line of code.

    On the other hand you could hide this with the help of a few lines of CSS.
    This grey box has the id=”archivebox” and the podPress elements are in a container element of the class=”podPress_content”.
    The CSS to hide this podPress container in the grey box would be:

    #archivebox .podPress_content {


    You are a Ninja! thank you!

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