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  • Feed URL is:

    Feed validates with Feed Validator but we get the following;

    This feed is valid, but interoperability with the widest range of feed readers could be improved by implementing the following recommendations.

    line 14, column 150: Self reference doesn’t match document location
    …” /><feedburner:info uri=”cpa-exam-p …
    line 173, column 38: Missing recommended iTunes channel element: itunes:category
    line 173, column 38: The recommended <itunes:email> element is missing

    When submitted to iTunes we get ‘the feed has not episodes’.

    But we have 3 episodes.

    Little help?

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    The recommendations you get from the feed validator are all related to elements which Feedburner adds to the feed. I have no idea why Feedburner adds them. But they are all recommendations you should be to worried about them.

    The problem is something else:
    There are no episodes at the iTunes page because the feed behind the URL you have posted above does not have regular <enclosure> tags with URLs to the media files. For iTunes and most other feed readers it is like there are no episodes in the feed.
    Furthermore the Feedburner page of the feed has big play button images but I could not discover links to the media files.
    I have also checked the non-Feedburner versions of your RSS feeds and they also don’t contain media files attachments (enclosure tags). I also can’t find the iTunes tags which podPress usually adds automatically to the <channel> and the <item>s (even in the RSS feed which podPress creates in your blog
    It looks like something (maybe a different plugin) keeps podPress from doing its job.
    You could find whether it is a different plugin or not by deactivating other plugins temporarily and one at a time and by validating the feed each time. (Please, note that Feedburner and feed reader software on your computer often cache feeds and show modification only after a certain or after you clear the cache memory.)


    Related problem? I’m not sure, but we noticed that the MacReach Show
    is not allow us to Subscribe to it. You can click on the Subscribe button in iTunes, but it doesn’t show up in iTunes. The most recent are coming up, and I think you can download them individually by clicking on the Free button.

    What can I do? Is this a feed URL problem? My feed says it’s valid

    Getting lots of emails from people who are having trouble subscribing.


    Plugin Author ntm


    Hi Dan,
    does this problem still exist?
    A moment ago I have clicked on the “View in iTunes” button on the iTunes Store page of your podcast. My iTunes client software have been started and I have clicked on the Subscribe button on the version of that page which was visible in my iTunes client software. The subscription worked without a problem and I have downloaded episode #25.

    Maybe it is a problem on certain OS or software version. I have used Safari 5.1 and iTunes on a Win 7 (64bit) computer.

    However this problem has very likely nothing to do with podPress. The iTunes Store page consists of information from the feed which was customized with podPress but the page itself and especially the Subscribe button (or View in iTunes) is produced by the Apple server. The link behind these buttons is also produced by that service. It is no link podPress provides (in my case the link behind the Subcribe button is It opens the iTunes Store page with German localization. The content you provide is in English but all Apple elements like the test of the subcription button or the table column headers are in German.). The link behind the iTunes Store page is . You can see that e.g. if you subscribe to the feed and look into the information about the feed afterwards.


    Thanks for testing that. Apple also emailed me and said it was working.

    I have another question about Vodcasting. If I add the YouTube link and enclose it in PodPress, will it show up in iTunes as a videocast? Or do I still have to give them the mp4 file? If not- then what’s the purpose of enclosing an Youtube link? Can I Vodcast through Podpress?

    Just curious- this is my first foray into vodcasting. Thanks again!


    Plugin Author ntm


    If I add the YouTube link and enclose it in PodPress, will it show up in iTunes as a videocast?

    No. iTunes supports only these file types as enclosures:
    File Type
    .mp3 audio/mpeg
    .m4a audio/x-m4a
    .mp4 video/mp4
    .m4v video/x-m4v
    .mov video/quicktime
    .pdf application/pdf
    .epub document/x-epub
    see subsection <enclosure> of section iTunes RSS tags
    But you can add a YouTube video with podPress and it will appear in other feed readers as enclosure/attachment of the post. Subscribers who don’t use iTunes as a feed reader will get notice of new episodes.
    The possibility to add YouTube videos with podPress was probably implemented in a time when other plugins whose purpose it is to add video platform video to posts did not exist.
    You need to add the video files in order to make the videos available via the iTS page of your podcast. (adding such files with podPress is possible)

    If you want to add video platform video to your posts plugins like the WP Video Plugin are more suitable for that task. Because they have the ability to add videos from a lot of other video platforms (other than YouTube).

    Quick related question:

    Can I add both a video and audio podcast to the same feed? Will iTunes know what to do with that? Or should I create a separate category, submit the video

    What’s your suggestion if I want to post both the audio and video versions?


    Plugin Author ntm


    Can I add both a video and audio podcast to the same feed? Will iTunes know what to do with that?

    Yes and yes. I know no example with video and audio files in one feed. But I do know a podcast which adds audio and pdf files to one feeds and iTunes knows definitely what to do with those files. That is why I think it is no problem to add audio and video files to one feeds.
    Do that. But although podPress is able to filter those file types and produce separate feeds for audio and video files later on, I would suggest that you add the post to related categories or add related tags to the posts.

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