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  • Is there a way currently to export the podpress download stats, in say a CSV format that could be imported into Excel or Google Docs?

    The bizarre sorting algorithm is making browsing through the stats inconvenient.

    I typically want to view stats by post ID by default, which is as close as I can get to reverse chronological order, which was the default method back in version 8.8.1 and earlier.

    Now, when I click to view the next page of entries, I also have to click the button to sort by ID again. I shouldn’t have to do that each time I go to the next page of stats.

    Being able to change how many entries per page I want to view might also be a nice future addition.

    using podpress, on multiple sites with over 500 enclosures each.

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  • Well the sorting order is not that bizarre. I know some podcasters who include the date of the recording or the publication date in the file name of their episodes and if you do something like that the sorting mechanism will return a list which includes the episodes in the chronological order.

    But you are right you should be able to select and store some appearance options e.g. the sorting order and the number of rows in displayed the table. These are good ideas and they will be part of the next version.

    Is there a way currently to export the podpress download stats, in say a CSV format that could be imported into Excel or Google Docs?

    Well, you can find the stats of the Counts Only method in the db table wp_podpress_statcounts and the results of the Full/Full+ method in wp_podpress_stats. You can export these db table via db interface like phpMyAdmin into files of various types.

    I have made the necessary modifications to determine and save the appearance options and they are now part of the Development Version.

    Cool about the appearance options, but no, it’s not sorting correctly. The date is part of the file name (has been for over 6 years), and the first page of results is always random, even when I sort by post ID they are not in a recognizable order, more random.

    It’s not until I go to the 2nd page of the listing and re-sort that page that I will see them in the expected chronological order. It’s been like this ever since updating to a version beyon 8.8.5, and I’ve been miserable ever since.

    As for the Full/Full+ settings, those are now banned. 1.2 million rows per query, repeated in succession several hundred times on a weekly basis, dragged the box down into the nether regions of Purgatory, and it angered me so that I almost forcibly converted 12 sites to powerpress just to prevent them from turning that option on ever again 🙂

    No machine should thrash with a load average of 112 for several hours because of a crazy abusive SQL query being generated over and over and over and over…

    So no, anyone using podpress who turns on Full stats on a site I manage will have their toes introduced to a ball-peen hammer. And they know this 🙂

    it’s not sorting correctly.

    I will try to find out what is wrong with it and fix it.

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