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  • Resolved Ruff1


    Hi Tim (or anyone else :-),

    in most browsers (OSX, Win, FF, Safari, IEx) our Player shows up twice with an ‘–> ‘ at the end.

    Any tipps for a quick solution before having to take the hard way by deactivating (many!) plugins. We are using theme RichWP BlogBeast 1.1 (a rather old theme) and have the very newest Podpress (which is a great Plugin btw!)

    Cheers, Ruff1

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  • Plugin Author ntm


    Hi Ruff1,

    the ‘–>’ is (or should be) the end of a HTML comment and should be invisible for normal visitors of your blog.
    But it appears because the there is a comment in a comment in the source code of your posts.
    The podPress code starts usually with a comment: <!-- Begin: podPress --> and ends with <!-- End: podPress -->. The purpose of these comments is to make the podPress section easier to spot among all that other code if some one searches for it in the source code.
    In the case of your blog the second podPress section is inserted into a section which is surrounded by such a HTML comment and the comment signs inside a comment confuse the web browsers a little and the closing tag of the surrounding tag gets visible because an other comment closing tag ends the comment.
    E.g.: <!-- <p>Christian Vagedes von[...] <!-- Begin: podPress --> [...] <!-- End: podPress --> </p> -->
    The “–>” after “Begin: podPress” closes the comment and the rest is visible.
    That is why the second player (per post) is visible.

    The second player exists most likely because the template file contains the PHP function call of the_content(); two times per post. podPress uses the WP Action Hook the_content to add the player and the other elements each time that function is called.
    It is also possible that this section contains a call of the_excerpt();. podPress adds its elements also to excerpts.

    However, you should look into the template file of your theme which produces this page (maybe index.php) and use a PHP comment instead of a HTML comment to hide this part.
    <!-- <?php the_excerpt(); ?> -->
    <?php // the_excerpt(); ?>


    Hi Tim, thanks for your help – but no success just yet. In the theme index.php

    I changed this line

    <?php the_content(“”); ?> <!– <?php the_excerpt(‘[…]’); ?> –>


    <?php the_content(“”); ?> <?php // the_excerpt(‘[…]’); ?>

    In the category view its still showing double.

    Maybe you could better help if I showed the entire index.php code?

    In the single post view it looks fine.

    Plugin Author ntm


    Hi Ruff1,

    the category view is a separate template file. It is often called category.php. But it might also be archive.php. You need to make the modification also in the/these files. Archive.php is often the template for the view of a list of posts of a certain timespan like all post of 2011.
    The index.php is often only the main blog page with the list of all blog posts.
    The single post view is often in a template file which is called single.php. It is a different file too.


    I thought I had done this but double checked after your input and …

    … bingo!

    If only all plugin developers were as helpfull as yourself!

    PS – where’s the donate/flattr button for your work?

    Plugin Author ntm



    I believe that you need to edit one more template file. If you click on the link in your first post, you will that the player still appear twice in this particular view.
    Usually that view gets produced by the index.php file. But it might be a file called loop.php like in the Twenty Ten theme.

    I have no donation or Flattr button. But thanks for the offer!!


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