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    Using a custom skin file was probably not possible since 8.8.8 due to some bugs in the new procedures.

    Thank you for your report!

    I have fixed the bugs in the current Development Version.

    A how-to description for using a custom skin file is at the Other Notes page.
    Furthermore the the important config file podpress_xspf_config-sample.php contains also detailed instructions.

    Basically you need to rename this file to podpress_xspf_config.php, store it in the folder /wp-content/plugins/podpress_options/ and configure the folder names and measurements inside this file.
    If you place this file at this location then you need edit only this file (and the name of the skin file).

    Part of the bug fix are modification of this podpress_xspf_config-sample.php file. That is why you should read it again and use the new one (if you already have tried to configure such a file).

    Please, ask if something remains unclear.

    Thanks again for the report.

    Plugin Author ntm


    I will make some additional changes regarding this skin file issue today. Maybe wait until I report back.


    Really Thanks, Tim. Surely I can wait for your report back before trying that again.

    Thanks again,

    Plugin Author ntm



    you may try the Development version now.
    I have also reworked the “Other Notes” instructions. But the page will update when I release the next version.

    But here is a summary:

    • Create the folder for the configuration file and the skin files. The default folder name is /wp-content/plugins/podpress_options/.
    • Copy the file podpress_xspf_config-sample.php from the folder of podPress to the new folder and rename the file to podpress_xspf_config.php
    • Download (or create) a custom skin package
    • Extract the files into the folder /wp-content/plugins/podpress_options/xspf_options/custom/ (It is possible to place the files in a different folder. But if you do that, you need to change the folder names in the podpress_xspf_config.php)
    • Look into the skin.xml file and memorize the width and height value.
    • Rename the skin.xml file with that scheme skin_{blog ID}_{width}x{height}.xml . (For instance skin_1_170x210.xml for the (main) blog and a player which the measures 170px x 210px). The blog ID for a single blog installation is 1. The ID for the first sub blog of a multi site blog would be 2.
    • Go to the Widget Settings page of your blog and add the widget to one of the sidebars
    • Set the width and the height value according to the skin file name.
    • Decide whether it is a slim skin or not.
    • Save the settings.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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