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    This feed is most likely no RSS Feed which is produced by WP – at least it is no feed which is modified by podPress.
    The real RSS feed of your blog posts is and this feed contains more recent blog posts and is modified by podPress.
    I suppose you should use this feed in the iTunes repository instead of the feed you have linked above.
    (BTW: This feed is linked at the top of your main blog page.)

    Ok I did that and it worked. Somewhat. Now it is only sending the last 8 most recent podcasts to iTunes.

    Plugin Author ntm


    There is an option called “Syndication feeds show the most recent … posts” on the Settings > Reading Settings (or Feed/iTunes Settings of podPress) page which should help to adjust that.

    By default WP feeds contain only 10 posts.

    Now I have moved all of my WordPress files and everything from to the root of my domain. I also changed the url in the form asking for my feed url from to

    I did select Enable under iTunes:New-Feed-Url.
    Is this just going to take a couple of days to transfer over? Because right now iTunes is saying that it cannot find the url. I’m sure thats what it is, I just want the professionals reassurance.

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    If you are using the iTunes:New-Feed-Url option then make sure that the Podcast Feed URL field contains the new URL of your Podcast Feed. Otherwise iTunes will look in the wrong place for your podcast.

    You can read about this transition process in Apples Podcast Resources.

    Besides this iTunes problem, It is also a good idea to make a redirect via the server settings resp. .htaccess (redirect via .htaccess) file from your old podcast feed to the new one. That old listeners will be lead automatically to the new source and not end up at some placeholder page which has no informations about the new address.
    But I think it is possible that it takes a couple of days before iTunes recognizes the new URL when all settings are right. But I don’t know how much time it takes.


    Oh please sir treat me like an idiot because I am clueless here…lol…when I click to ping my feed url it is still looking for the feed at

    That feed does not exist anymore when you try to access it in a web browser. And if it is my understanding that iTunes has to see the old feed in order to redirect to the new one. But how is that possible if the feed no longer exists?

    I am not sure where or how to do what you are saying (.htaaccess). Not to mention I do not know how to edit the feed now that I am using podpress. Before I just used a text editor to edit my feed.xml file and uploaded it to my server. Now that I am using podpress I don’t know where that file is located and how to redirect it and what not. Thanks for all your help!

    Plugin Author ntm


    You do not need to edit your feed. podPress adds all necessary elements – the iTunes:New-Feed-Url, too. Don’ worry about that part.

    The suggested course of action for moving a podcast is to create the podcast at the new address and set then the iTunes:New-Feed-Url and maybe create such a .htaccess file with a redirect. (For such a .htaccess you still need a text editor.) With the help of this iTunes:New-Feed-Url in the old feed iTunes will catch the new address automatically after some days.

    But now that you have already moved your blog and shut down the old feed, I would recommend to try a redirect via an .htaccess file.
    If you have trouble to create a file with that name on your computer then choose temporarily a non-default Permalink setting (see the related page in Site Admin). That will create such a file in the same folder as the wp-config.php file. If you do not want to use a non-default Permalink setting you can switch back after you have copied this file to your computer. In that case you can also delete the section:

    # BEGIN WordPress
    # END WordPress

    The redirect in your case (and if you put the .htaccess file in the folder which contains the wp-config.php of the new blog) would be

    Redirect 301 /wordpress/?feed=rss2

    All who requests the old feed address should be redirected to the new one. That may work for iTunes, too. (the reason why I’m not a 100% sure about that is because I have not done this before with iTunes. But I have used this Redirect stuff with other feeds and files successfully before.)

    Because your podcast has already moved, it is very likely that enabling the iTunes:New-Feed-Url in the Feed/iTunes Settings of podPress is unnecessary.

    (If you change the Permalink settings to a non-Default setting and you do not see such a .htaccess file when open the folder in your FTP program then search for a setting in your FTP which is maybe called “Show hidden files”.)


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