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  • I installed Ronald Heft’s excellent Podcasting plugin about a month ago, and used it for a single audio file. Since then (if I recall the chronology properly), I’ve upgraded to WordPress 2.5.1. Today I was surprised to discover that the player on my single podcast episode thus far has gone missing — the little Flash player doesn’t show up at all. I’ve upgraded to Podcasting 1.64, the latest version, and that’s made no difference.

    As a test, I grabbed the output HTML for that blog entry and pared it down to the bare essentials, leaving the HTML structure, the player.js call in the header and the object/parameter tags in the body, but that didn’t make any difference, so I think I can conclude that I’m not including any other code that’s problematic.

    Can anybody offer some guidance as to what might be going on here?

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  • I used wget to grab the SWF file, and that’s resolving (in the sense that I’m not getting a 404, but a bunch of binary data that I assume comprises the SWF contents). I’ve tried viewing the page using a handful of browsers (Safari, Camino, Firefox, and Opera), and none show the player. All will happily render Flash on the Adobe Flash page, so it’s not a problem with Flash. I tried using my home computer, and the same problem is present there. So I feel confident that this is a problem on the server end. Given that the SWF file is intact, it strikes me as likely that this is confined to WordPress or Podcasting, but that’s not necessarily so.

    Nobody else has experienced this problem?

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