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  • Support for this plugin is terrible.

    The mods on their forum are rude and very unhelpful, and are very quick to say “PLEASE PAY US FOR SUPPORT.” They give cryptic answers at best and I have seen them be very rude to people asking help for simple problems. They also have tons of spam on their support forums. Pathetic.

    Never was able to get this plugin to work with my theme. Very disappointed.

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  • Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    That’s not very nice.

    I’m too busy to provide full support at the moment and so simply answer the questions I can handle before moving on to the next one. 95% of the questions posted on my forum have absolutely nothing to do with the PixoPoint Menu plugin anyway, they’re users wanting to edit their CSS and I’m not about to spend my days responding to questions like that, it’s simply too time consuming.

    Also, I’m not aware of any spam on my forum bar the occasional sporadic post which is quickly removed.

    Sorry to be mean. I’m sure your plugin is great when it works.

    Just couldn’t believe the tone of some of your posts to people who asked simple questions with simple answers. Unnecessarily rude. Curt. Lame. If you were smart about encouraging people to hire you for support, you might show them what good support is to begin with, that’s all.

    And the morning that I was searching for help to my (seemingly stupid) problem, I saw no less than 5 spam posts from 2 different members.

    Lighten up on your forums, or don’t. You decide.

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    I don’t recall ever being rude to anyone on my forum apart from a few extreme cases where people were acting darn right inappropriately.

    Well, thankfully, you don’t have to recall. Anyone has the opportunity to download your plugin, visit your site, find your support forums when they have a problem, and then see for themselves. But the whole point of my original comment is that I do NOT urge them to do so.


    Thank you for this Plugin.

    I am using Tanzaku, and was looking for something to add a quick posts menu, and this was a surprisingly easy, and pleasing solution.

    Would appreciate if you could navigate to my site, and explain why there is an initial (ul) “list” before the site loads, and if it is possible to fix this, have tried, but still a novice at CSS.



    My experience so far is that any and all useful information on the Pixopoint forum is blocked. It seems that Ryan thinks its good business to try and force people into paying for support. I donate to plugins and themes that are useful, with open support forums. I can’t tell you how many times I have donated to themes like Atahualpa. I understand Ryan’s frustration with people though, since I do build sites for my fellow humans…and sometimes it gets stressful.

    Plugin Author Ryan Hellyer


    The content wasn’t blocked. That was an error which I was alerted to yesterday. I assume it has been blocked for many months, but it wasn’t until now that anyone pointed out what was wrong. I could see the content, but no one else could unfortunately.

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