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    would it be possible to get an option that an image would not have a link? I don’t want to have the image be clickable anytime to bring a reader of my blog to my gallery.

    It would also be nice to have any option when clicking on an image not to see the image only, I would love to have a link that would lead to the album instead.

    So there would be three options:

    1 – no link at all
    2 – link to the album
    3 – link to the image at the album (what we currently have)


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  • Plugin Author vpiwigo


    Hi Yogie,

    That’s a great idea.
    1 – no link: easy to implement
    3 – link to picture page: the easiest solution, current behavior.

    2 – link to the album… Hum!!!
    I did not code it yet. I had a good reason.
    But your proposal forced me to understand what’s our need.
    Now, thanks to you, I have a good idea, and I know I could code it.

    But let me explain you what kind of issue, I was facing.
    With Piwigo a picture can be “Linked” to several albums, e.g. Bestof, Location, Theme, …

    In other words, Widget or Shortcode could find a picture and being facing a picture linked to several albums.
    If you want see THE Album which album would be in the href ???

    As I said I have an good answer to this dilema but I would like to read your idea to see if we have a shared view point.
    My solution might be different for the widget and the shortcode.

    Expecting to read your analysis soon.

    Hello Vince,

    thank you to get back so quickly.

    Well I didn’t know about the different options on different albums for a single foto as I’m quite new to piwigo. Anyway what I have done so far is that each photo is unique to only one album. Thus far I was thinking of that album only. But what I have done as well is that I have grouped a few albums in a parent album but photo wise this album has no photos only sub-albums so to say. And if I would have an image linked into WP I would asume to get an album link towards this sub-album.

    Anyhow would it be possible for you to read the entire structure and build a drop down menu to choose the link option?

    So the choices of the drop down would look like this:

    link to photo
    link to nested album (maybe giving the name of the album with an indicator if it is a sib-album)
    link to parent album
    do not link image

    Well what if someone would have a even deeper structure of albums I’m currently thinking of ? 🙂

    Thanks a lot very apreciated!

    Plugin Author vpiwigo


    Hello Yogie,

    First speaking only about the sidebar Widget.

    2 cases:
    a – If you choose a category (= album) id then the widget can generate a link to this album.
    b – If not, we are facing a full random picture.
    The Webservices provide the list of Albums linked to a picture.
    See the end of the result, example (only one album in that case):

    But you could also obtain two albums or more, for example:

    <category id="256" url="" page_url=""/>
    <category id="293" url="" page_url=""/>

    In that case, you have a pressbook album and the normal album.
    But the widget doesn’t know if the pressbook is the fisrt album or the second one.
    You could create your pressbook recently and the id would be higher than the normal album. Or create new album and link some of its pictures in the pressbook album (a older one = a smaller id).
    So which album link should be provided by the widget ?

    Tell me what you think.

    Hello Vince,

    to be honest I did not had the widget in mind at all. But I would say if you want to be a person to have always the recent album. so the highest id would make sense. The other way round would be the lowest id; a checkbox for this choice comes into my mind to let you chose oldest or newest. 🙂

    What do you think?


    Plugin Author vpiwigo


    Hi Yogie,

    Yes, that’s true.
    And this is the reason, I will implement this in several steps and in this order:

    1 – For Shortcode.
    Lnktype (default) = ‘picture’
    Lnktype = ‘none’
    Lnktype = ‘album’ (most recent created album id)
    Other values might be created later (oldest (album), unlinked (album only), recent (link to albums, then picture itself), …)

    2 – For Shortcode Generator.
    Solve a pending bug.
    Selection of Lnktype.

    3 – For widget.
    3.a – Add a Blog caption attached to thumbnail.
    3.b – Link to Album, on request and only if:
    – ( category id > 0) and ( Number of pictures = 1 )
    – ( Number of pictures > 1 ) something else might be code later.

    1 – Might be this month
    2 – October (if 1 is ready)
    3 – See later this year.

    Have fun with PiwigoPress.

    Hi Vince,

    sounds like a plan 🙂

    Many thanks in advance and I would be more than glad to help out at least with testing 🙂

    Have a great day!

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